About Kat

Hey everyone, and welcome to my life.

I always hate writing About Me pages, because even though I'm a writer by trade, I always find it hard to toot my own horn. So, I thought I would just share some fun facts about me. Who I am, what I'm into and such.

If you have any questions, want to chat etc, please feel free to get in touch.

Scroll down for fun facts ;)

Fun Facts:

  • I'm 34 years old
  • I'm a writer by profession, working freelance from 2009 - 2014, before landing a full-time writing job
  • Writing is my biggest passion and I'm currently working on the second draft of my novel
  • My favourite band is Linkin Park (RIP Chester)
  • My DVD collection is a little ridiculous
  • Final Fantasy is my fandom *kweh*
  • I love cats
  • Purple is my favourite colour
  • My nail varnish collection is ridiculous, but yes I do need 10 shades of purple - no, they definitely are not all exactly the same colour
  • I'm addicted to Netflix (tell me someone who isn't!)
  • I first started blogging in 2004, but we won't talk about that...

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