Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dear August: We've Come So Far

Dear August,

So here we are again. Meeting like old friends who were once so close but over the past few years seem to have drifted further and further apart. Once my favourite month, August, now you just blend into all of the rest - no different from June or July. When did this happen?  When did our mutual love for one another just fall apart?

A lot has changed since we last met August: I started a new job, made some fantastic new friends, had some amazing experiences and started wedding planning much more seriously - I bet you didn't expect that one did you August? Me getting married is one thing, but actually taking the whole thing seriously - that's a laugh isn't it!

That is what I have always loved about you August - you were always full of laughter and smiles.

But now August, I can't help finding you to be quite a stressful month. Kids everywhere, people everywhere, loud music from all directions, the weather is so erratically hot/cold/windy/wet delete as applicable, probably several times a day - all are theworst ingredients for ultimate anxiety.

I'm trying to conquer that anxiety August, but it seems to be getting harder, rather than easier. I want to start appreciating your goodness again. 

I hope that we can figure things out before you have to go again.

Speak soon August.

Love, Kat x

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