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Makeup in Film: Katniss Everdeen

There's no denying that the series that I've missed writing the most, over the past few months, has been the Makeup in Film series, so I am over the moon to be writing this one which I've been meaning to put together since I first saw the film (yeah, I've seen it twice!), so without further ado, here we go:

I've done a makeup in film post for Katniss before, back in March 2012, to coincide with the release of the first Hunger Games film, however, that post concentrated more on Jennifer Lawrence, so this time around I really want to focus solely on the character and how much she has changed since that first film came out.

As a character, Katniss isn't someone who you can imagine wears any makeup at all. Looking beautiful just isn't on her list of importance - behind, y'know,  staying alive!

In fact, in both films her makeup is still predominantly the same, in the sense that it is very minimalistic and looks like she isn't wearing any (even if we know that she probably is!):

However, an area that Katniss has completely changed is in regards to everything that she does relating to the Capitol, that has been created (in the film) by Cinna and his team.

In the first film, Katniss' makeup was quite simple and neutral, and at times appears to be trying to give her a look of innocence:

But, it is her Tribute makeup that really plays up that innocence with the soft skin colouring, and eye makeup that makes her eye look large, sweet and perhaps even vulnerable. Even the hair-style - in my opinion - has an air of childlike-ness to it.

Move forward to Catching Fire, and Katniss' makeup is completely different. It's gone from being minimalistic to more "full-on", first in the party scene:

And then in the Tributes Parade:

For me, Katniss' Tribute Parade makeup - and outfit - are incredibly revealing of her growth as a character, and her growing anger at both the Capitol and - probably most especially - President Snow. The makeup is very strong, bold and - in my opinion - empowering, and combined with that glare, it feels like Katniss (and Cinna), are staying "You can't control me. I'm not afraid of you any more."

For me, her Tribute Parade look is the most important one throughout the film.

Her "bridal" makeup look, I feel, is quite clever:

(if you haven't seen the film, or read the book 
and don't want spoilers,
 you might want to skip this next part!)

As everyone has seen the film knows, this outfit is to become Cinna's last defiance against the Capitol, and so much about this look is a hint of what Cinna had up his sleeve, as little things point towards birds:
  • The feathers in her hair
  • The wing-effect of her eyeliner, looks very much like the wings of a Mockingjay.

It is certainly a clever look.

I can imagine that the makeup artists have such an amazing time, plotting what looks Katniss could have,because there is so much room for creativity and imagination. It's just such a shame that the team did not receive an Oscar Nomination for their hard work.

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