Friday, 6 December 2013

Yours Clothing Become a Stylist Competition

What seems like ages ago, I entered Yours Clothing's "Become a Stylist" competition, and I'm so chuffed to have made it through to the second round (as I'm thinking most people who entered probably did!). Now all I need is lots of votes to get me through to the next stage. I generally really hate doing contests that work like this, but I think that this is an awesome prize and I'm a huge lover of Yours Clothing, so I thought "what the heck".

My Outfit:

How to Vote:

To vote, you just need to click this link >> Kat's Outfit.

If the link doesn't work, you can search for "Kat", and I am "Kat from Market Rasen".

If you are using a mobile phone, you'll need to change to the desktop site, because it doesn't appear to work through the mobile version of the website. Some phones have a setting in their internet browser that allows you to always automatically go to the desktop site. If your phone doesn't do this, or you don't know how to change your settings, there is another way - although it's a little drawn out:

1. Click on the link above.
2. When you reach the Yours Clothing mobile site, scroll down to the bottom and click on the link "Desktop Site.
3. This will take you to the main page of the desktop site, so come back to this page and click on the above link for a second time. This time, you should find yourself on the correct page of the desktop version.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to vote for my outfit in this competition, I really do appreciate it. I know that some blogs and websites like to offer competitions to anyone who votes, but I'm not able to do that, so all I can offer is a really huge thank you, and hugs. Virtual hugs for everyone who votes ;)

Thanks again, and I promise to get back into blogging on here really soon. Life has just been incredibly manic recently.

Take care everyone :)

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