Friday, 16 August 2013

Dear August: Life

We are half way through you August. Half way. It feels like I say this on the 15th/16th of every month, but where is time going? How does it slip by so fast?

I spend so much time worrying about things that are so inconsequential and irrelevant, that sometimes I think I've worried so much that whole days, weeks, maybe even months have past me by, and I've barely even noticed. But, by the time I do notice, I wonder what the heck I was worrying about.

But worry isn't the only thing that seems to encourage time to whizz by. As I mentioned a few letters ago, August has been an unpredictably busy month, and doesn't appear to be showing any signs of stopping, and busy months are renowned for flying by.

It's funny though, because my days are so less regimented than they were when I was at school. School days felt crammed with information and people, and I always seemed to be doing something, and yet time seems to go faster now! Is that because the busy of school was "boring"? I don't know, but I wish that time would slow down, because I'm starting to feel like time is flashing by so quickly, that I'm beginning to get left behind.

I've known for a long time that my life wasn't going down the same path as most of my friends, and I'm okay with that. But there comes a time when I've started to feel that maybe it's time for change. Or maybe my life was never going to be that black and white, and maybe I'll just carry on following my feet, to see where they take me. I think it's more fun that way.

Thanks for everything August, and thanks for keeping me busy.

*This series of posts was inspired by the Letters to July series run by Emilieofnewgloom, make sure you check out her YouTube Channel, because she's pretty awesome*

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