Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dear August: A Couple of Ponderings

I think that I spoke too soon last week, because the unexpectedness doesn't appear to have stopped, but I am - at last - back at my own desk, in my own chair and it is nice to be home.

When I was at Uni, a friend told me that he hoped - in the future - to live by himself, and at the time, I'd thought he was really crazy. But having lived - effectively - by myself for over two and a half years, it's made me realise that having alone time is definitely good for me, especially since I'm an introvert.

As scary as the idea sounds, I'm a big believer that introverts should have a period of taking time to live on their own, not because we're all going to turn into recluses, so should just accept it, but because I think that it helps to encourage us to appreciate both alone time as well as having other people around.

Although I've enjoyed spending time being around people for the past week, I really am happy to be back in my own little world!

Anyway, how you doing August? It's been a while since we had a catch-up!

I'm actually appreciating that the temperature appears to have cooled down a little, so thank you for showing the love August - but feel free to kick September up the butt, because I have a lot of outside stuff going on in September, and some nice weather would be good :)

So, this is evidently only a short post today, which is a bit rubbish making up for the week that I've gotten behind on posting, but I'm sure that you understand August!

*This series of posts was inspired by the Letters to July series run by Emilieofnewgloom, make sure you check out her YouTube Channel, because she's pretty awesome*

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