Thursday, 11 July 2013

What is Beauty - 2013 Edition

So, I thought that it was time to update the all-important question of “What is Beauty?”. I always find it interesting to revisit this question (and this will be the third time that I have approached it), because it’s weird to see how I’ve changed, and how my view of beauty has progressed.

For the record, I haven’t re-read either of the original articles, because I wanted to approach this with a fresh attitude. However, I will be reading them to compare once I’ve written this post J

What is Beauty?

Beauty is a smile. A secret smile between friends, lovers, family members who have known each other forever and have their differences, but just “get” each other. A smile of appreciation. A smile of happiness.

Beauty is a laugh. A giggle. A chuckle.

Beauty is a face lighting up when they see someone that they have missed.

Beauty is a moment. A sunrise, or a sunset. Spectacular views. Splashing around in the sea. Spending time with the most important people in your life.
Beauty isn’t about loving yourself, it’s about appreciating what you have and taking care of it.

Beauty is acknowledging that you are unique, and being unique makes you beautiful, even if some people choose not to see it.

Beauty is acknowledging that you are not perfect, but your imperfections are exactly what make you beautiful.

Beauty is ignoring people who feel the need to make you feel small. Beauty is not allowing yourself to be brought down by negativity.

Beauty is holding your head up high, and saying F*** you to everyone who told you that you couldn’t do something. Although, perhaps not literally, as beauty is having the grace to think things, rather than say them, because beauty is believing that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Beauty is looking at someone, and telling them that they look pretty. Beauty is actually meaning it. Beauty comes from saying it, when they really need to hear it or even if they don’t.

Beauty is standing up for someone, when you have absolutely nothing to gain out of it, other than protecting someone – even if you don’t know them, personally.

Beauty is having the confidence to cry when you need to, to allow yourself to be angry, to never allow someone to make you feel “weak”.

Beauty is like happiness: It’s not a destination, it’s a frame of mind.

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