Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bargain Hunting: Too Faced Eye Shadow from T.K. Maxx

Well hey there peoples, look at this, two blog posts in the space of one week - you're sat down for that piece of information, right? Phew, because I'd really hate for anyone to hurt themselves ;)

So, yep, you guessed it. I have been a-bargain hunting yet again - there is virtually nothing quite as satisfying as finding something super cheap is there? And unlike usual, I've actually not picked this up from a Charity Shop, but actually my local TK Maxx.

I have quite a love/hate relationship with TK Maxx:

a. Mine is so god-damn hot, and I mean verging on tropical climates, due to their huge roof windows (they're waaay too big to be classed as Sky Lights, surely?!)
b. I just cannot be bothered to actually search through all the crap, in order to find the rare gems

But that last fact is actually why I do still occasionally force myself up those ever-elusive escalators (I seriously just forgot how to spell "escalator"...yeah, moving on!)

One area that I do always try to browse around in, is the Beauty Section. Admittedly, more often than not, this section is full of a heck of a lot of crap and stuff that is still stupidly expensive. Although, why are the bottles of shampoo in TK Maxx always so GINORMOUS?? Like, even bigger than the huge Tresemme ones? They're like £10 and would probably last me a year!

Anyone, whilst in the Beauty Section recently, I scrambled across three boxes of Too Faced Eye Shadows and I decided that I would buy one, so lookie what I picked up:

I actually had a nightmare picking between the colours, because there were two that I liked, and looking back, I do wish I'd bought both, but I was on a tight budget at the time. This one is Socialite:

Socialite is a really strange shade, because it looks like it's a gold shade:

But then, it kind of looks like a bronze-brown shade. However, the Too Faced website describe it as a "pink copper", but personally I don't see pink when I look at it in its container.

And even when swatched the product on my finger, I can see where the copper comes into it, but not too sure about that pink:

However, when I applied it to my lids, I definitely felt that the colour had reddish undertones, and I wasn't too sure about it. However, Socialite actually works beautifully with a green pencil liner, which seemed kinda weird - in my head - but it looks great.

Even the sample colour on both the Too Faced and Boots websites looks more pink than mine does!!

So, this product is currently selling for £13.50 on the Boots website, but I only paid an absolute bargainous £3.00 - pretty good, huh?

What colour does Socialite look like to you? 
I'd really love to know if I'm going crazy!

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  1. I do love a good bargain at Tk Maxx but hate going there in this hot weather searching through the junk haha. My local one has no windows and smells rather strange...
    Anyway glad to see you back blogging :)

  2. I would hate to go into my TK Maxx in this weather...I really sympathise with the staff, because it must be like a sauna in this heat *phew*.

    Thanks, it's good to be blogging again :)


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