Saturday, 24 March 2012

NOTD: I like to Mauve it, Mauve it

Before I begin, I just wanted to have a little ramble: Basically, I've been a little quiet in the land of Barefeet recently. It's not a case of not wanting to blog any more, and I'm certainly not disappearing on you all, my amazing followers, but I have gotten to a stage where I feel like I need to spend a little less time here, because well, I'm sure most of you understand, I'm just running low on time that I can spend working on it. So, I've decided that I'm going to cut-down how often I post, and I'm going to concentrate mainly on my Makeup in Film posts, and NOTD posts, purely because these are the posts that I enjoy doing the most, and I don't want to churn out random crappy posts just to get a post out there, because that's just wasting my time and yours too. Of course, this means that I might not be doing many product reviews, which have been a bit few and far between for a while. I might still pop up the occasional review, because I do have plenty of things in my "To Review" pile.

So ultimately, this means that I'll probably only be posting two or three times  a week, just for a little, and I hope that you all understand :)

Anyway, back to today's Nail of the Day, and I have another confession today, because the polish that features doesn't actually belong to me *ahem*, but it was one that I hijacked from my Mum whilst she was at work, last week!

I find this a really interesting colour, because here I personally think that it looks like a pinky brown shade. However, my Mum picked up a bottle of this polish in Sallys today, and it looked much more of a pink, and the images really are true to the colour that they are. So, I can only assume that this is one of those shades that always looks different, in varying lights.

But it's still a very nice shade whatever colour it really is, this is what the shade is:

Yup, of course it's OPI and it is their Mauving to Manitoba. After looking at the title of the shade, I decided to look up what colour "mauve" actually is, and various websites stated different things, from purple to pink, and the Lena White website describes it as a "purple-rose", but gosh, I never once looked at it and thought of a purple shade. Hmm, kind of interesting!!

What do you think of this colour?


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  1. bwhahaha, the name for that post was hilarious
    mauve for me is lilac!
    this is 'vintage pink' for me xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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