Monday, 19 March 2012

Make Up in film: Hunger Games Special: The Final Countdown

Four more sleeps to go until I get to see this film, and this is of course the last time that you guys have to listen to me harping on about The Hunger Games, on this blog. Instead, all Hunger Games banter will be shifted back over to its rightful place, which is over on the entertainment blog (Shameless Plug: Check it out for Film Chat, News and Stuff!!)

So, I spent ages trying to decide who should have the honour of being the face of my final Makeup in Film: Hunger Games Special. But, the problem is that there are too many intriguing aspects of makeup, costume and design that intrigues my little mind, and that I want to share. And unfortunately, I just don't have the time or the blog space to talk about them all. Therefore, I decided to do a quick compilation of all of the main actors and characters, and take a look at how much they've been transformed for this film. I hope that you enjoy :)

After my previous post, in which I featured Effie Trinket, quite a few people commented that they would never have guessed that Effie was really Elizabeth Banks. Literally nothing of the actress shows through, especially in the publicity shots and I think that that is a great example of how this film is representing the oppressed Capitol citizens, where no part of the person underneath really shows through. Instead, what we see is fake and artificial.

Apparently Josh Hutcherson put on roughly 14lb of muscle for his role as Josh Hutcherson, and for that we thank you! So, extra muscle and blonde hair and ta-da we have Peeta Mellark!

Other than the beard, Wes Bentley hasn't really changed that much when you compare these two images. In fact, it's actually kind of weird that the images look so alike, with similar expressions...!! Apparently, Bentley loves his beard, and I have to admit that I think it looks pretty awesome!

Woody Harrelson wasn't really what I imagined when I read the books. Indeed, I had Haymitch down as being a bit older, fatter and a considerable amount scruffier than Harrelson is, but I still think he looks great.

Before anyone complains, I chose not to include a picture of Liam Hemsworth/Gale Hawthorne in this piece for two reasons. 1. I couldn't find that many images of Gale, and 2. I didn't really feel that he'd changed that much from actor to character, so it didn't really feel worth the mention.

Which actor do you think had the best transformation overall?

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  1. Ah yes! I agree, I also picture Haymitch as older and fatter, and with dark hair for some reason.

    I love Elizabeth banks makeup, can't wait to see what the rest of the capitol citizens look like.


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