Wednesday, 1 February 2012

NOTD: Sparkly Surprise

I'd really love to take credit for today's Nail of the Day, because I think that it is so clever. So simple. But so, so clever. Indeed, I found this idea on Charlotte's blog Lipglossiping, and I really do think that it's fab idea, so you should all definitely go check out her post.

Basically, the idea is to take a nail polish that is boring, you don't like, or you've fallen out of love with. Of course, a non-glittery one! And then add a pigment to it, to give it a little sparkle, and jazz it up a bit. Charlotte recommends using as fine a pigment as you have in your possession.

Typically, I'm one of those girls who gets a bit "chicken" about experimenting with mixing products together, because I always worry that I'll ruin them, and when I've spent money on them, I get a bit nervous about that. But, choosing a fine glitter was really easy to do, because I've had this glitter for over five years. I bought it as part of one of their 3 for £10 (or something similar) in Superdrug, and I think I've used twice, if that. But, this was the glitter that I used:

I made an absolute mess with this glitter when I was playing with it, as you can probably tell from the jar and lid. I literally had glitter all over my hands! I thought about cleaning up the jar, but I just wanted to point out that this could get messy, especially if you're anything like me!!

Choosing a polish was a little bit more difficult, because I never use the Barry M glitter dust, and I knew that there would still be plenty left, should I decide in the future that I want it, for any reason. However, when it came to choosing a polish, it had to be one that I genuinely didn't want anymore, in it's current form anyway.

I opted for an E.L.F nail polish, purely because they're cheap, and I knew that if I changed my mind, it wouldn't be breaking the bank to pick up a new one. Picking the colour wasn't quite so easy, because I love all my E.L.F polishes to a degree, but in the end I opted for this one:

Purple Pleaser is a polish that I like, but don't wear very often, and I did think that it would benefit from a little sparkle. Unfortunately, in my excitement to try this out, I forgot to take a picture of the product before I put the sparkles in, really sorry about that. Nevermind. But, you can just make out the sparkly bits in the above picture. But, in case you can't here is a close-up so you can really see:

The only issue that I had when mixing the glitter dust into the polish, was distribution. I opted for two methods: 1. Mixing it round with the brush, and 2. Shaking it like a polaroid picture (oh, now there is a song!!). Neither method seemed to distribute it to the bottom though, as you can probably tell, and most of the glitter appears to have stayed at the top, with it gradually petering out the lower down the bottle you go. But, in all honesty, I don't think that it effected the look on my nails, when I applied the polish, because they still ended up looking fab!

This is how they turned out:

The glitter has created a polish that is a little lighter in colour, and the sparkles are really pretty because they seem to shine in all different yellows and greens, which I'm really sad didn't show up in my terrible photography. This is what I get for attempting indoor photos without natural lighting, which is what I normally try to do as often as I can! But you can still see them a little bit :)

What do you think? 
Will you be trying this out?

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