Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Chilly Walk with a Hooded Scarf

Another week of the Positive Beauty 30-Day Challenge over, and just over a week to go. How is everyone doing? Keeping up? I didn't do a workout on Friday, because the other half and I got up early on his day off, and went for a walk that we've been meaning to do for a long time.

The weather was absolutely freezing, and I don't think I've ever loved my hooded scarf, from Yours Clothing more than I did on Friday. It really is amazing how warm it is to put the hood up of the scarf, and then put my coat hood up over the top too. The scarf also works great at keeping my coat hood from falling into my face, which always drives me nuts! I also love the fact that it retains being a scarf all the way around, meaning that it fully covers the back of my neck, so no matter how far forward I pull the hood over my head, it doesn't leave a gap on my neck leaving it cold.

I actually spotted these scarves when I was in Yours Clothing, in Lincoln at the end of November, and just fell in love with the whole concept behind them. I think that they are absolutely brilliant. But, at £12, I did think that it was quite a lot of money for a scarf, especially since I didn't really need a new scarf. Fortunately, my mum remembered that I'd really loved this scarf, and bought me the purple one for Christmas.

The scarf really is lovely and warm, but I do have a couple of minor quibbles with it. One, is the fact that the wool seems to have stretched very quickly, meaning that I can no longer put my hands in the pockets, because, well, my hands aren't exactly that long!! So, that's a little bit of a bummer!

Another quibble I have, isn't really a quibble, but perhaps a problem, that maybe one of you can help me figure out. But, I just have no idea how to wear this scarf!! With a normal scarf (minus a hood), I'm used to folding it in half, and then looping the ends through the middle, around my neck, if that makes sense. However, as this has a hood, I can't exactly do that, which is a bit of a pain. I have a habit of just hanging it around my neck, and crossing them over my chest to stop the cold coming down the top of my coat, but the problem with doing that, is that because the scarf has stretched it hangs below my coat, and looks a little weird. Sometimes, when it's really cold, I'll throw them around my neck, which does seem to be the best option.

I've thought about tying the scarf in a bow, perhaps? Any ideas?

Overall: All in all, this scarf is amazingly warm, and great for keeping up my hood, even though I do feel a little bit of a prat wearing it by itself, without my coat hood over the top!

Where to Buy: As far as I'm aware, you can't pick these up from the Yours Clothing website anymore, however, they are currently being sold, at the amazing price of £4.50 on their sales website Size Up Clothing. And when I looked, it was still available in both purple and black.

The Walk: It really was a beautiful morning, to go for a walk, because despite the thin layer of snow on the ground, complemented my a light frost and mist, the sun was beginning to shine, and the winter countryside was just beautiful.

I don't know if it was the cold, but the walk really did seem to effect my thighs. It could have been the cold, or it could have been the work out, but it was the only part of me that seemed to suffer.

The official walk that we'd intended to do was a circular walk, however, part of it was along a verge beside quite a busy road, so we decided that since it was pretty much the half way point, that we'd go back the way that we'd come. It was a nice idea, because we hadn't passed a single person up to that point, and only passed one dog walker, on the way back, which is just how we liked it.

The woods, that were only a part of our walk seemed so eerie due to the time of year, and the bareness of the trees. In fact, every time a dog barked in the distance, or a train passed through the town where I live, the sound seemed to echo through the trees which was really strange and kind of haunting.

It's weird how sombre the area was, due to the time of year, and I'm interested in seeing the area perk up once Spring sets in over the next few months. I always love seeing nature change between seasons, it's what makes nature so beautiful, as the snowdrops and Daffodils push there way up, and the world becomes green again. It seems strange to be thinking of Spring when we've just had a load of snow, but y'know :)

How have you been enjoying the weather? Or have you been hiding from it (brr!!)
What do you think of hooded scarves? Great for keeping warm, or just look silly?

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