Friday, 13 January 2012

Witch Anti Blemish Red Relief Moisturiser

I'm one of those unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) girls, who doesn't need to wear that much blusher because I have natural rosy cheeks. Which is absolutely fine for the apples of my cheeks, but I absolutely hate the fact that the lower area down towards my jaw line get quite red as well. So when I won this moisturiser, in a giveaway held by Nav, I was keen to give it a try.

Packaging: One thing that I've noticed whilst on my journey to find a good moisturiser for my issue with oily skin, is that a lot of them come with nozzles, as does this one, and I really like that because I always find that I don't need to use a lot of moisturiser, and if I do my skin just feels like an oil slick. But, the nozzle feature allows me to easily regulate the amount of product that I use.

Product: When I first got this, I'd never really heard of the product and hadn't used anything from the Witch range since I was at Uni (and that was probably only Face Washes, since that was typically as far as my skin care regime went back then!!). I never really gave any thought to the fact that it stated that it was "redness relief", other than the very basic assumption that it would contain active ingredients that would, I suppose soothe the redness. I don't know what I was expecting really, but it certainly was not this...

Yup, the product is green!!

I'm not going to deny that I was surprised to see that the product was green, but in reality it makes perfect sense.

I first discovered that green concealer was an ideal for redness when I went to a Virgin Vie party back in 2009, and I actually bought there mini palette consisting of the typical skin coloured shades, a green tinged one and a purple (or pink) one. And I do use green concealer, but it seems like a brilliant idea to give the concealer a green tinge, as it removes one step out of the skin care process, which we all know is a good thing in my books ;)

Smell: It has a very light smell that I can't quite describe. It doesn't smell anything like most moisturisers that I've used, but you don't really notice it that much, which I like. I really hate moisturisers with really overpowering scents.

Use: I found the moisturiser to be quite gentle, and applies very lightly, with the greenness melting in transparency incredibly quickly. I don't think that it leaves my face looking as ill as most green concealers do, which is a huge plus point, because it doesn't force me to wear foundation with it.

I'm not overly convinced about how moisturising it actually is, but for oily skin types, like me, we don't really need that much anyway.

Would I buy this product again? Definitely. I love the green colour, and think it works nicely. It's a great, light product that is perfect for anyone who suffers from redness, and especially those with oily skin, who need to a lighter-based moisturiser.

I think that for anyone who has particularly dry skin, however, this might not be a brilliant product. I think it would be good for targeting the red areas, but probably only in those areas, and I'd recommend using another moisturiser more suited to drier skin. That's just my opinion of course, from my own experience, I'm certainly no expert :)

Price: £6.99, which for a "drugstore" type product does seem a little bit pricey, especially taking into consideration the overall size of the product. But, I've found that a lot of oil-free products are similarly priced. Plus you have to take into consideration the fact that it has the added benefit of being a green concealer, in a sense.

Buy it: Boots.

Has anyone else tried this moisturiser? Did it feel weird using a green product, or was that just me being crazy :) And anyone who hasn't tried it, what do you think of a green moisturiser?


  1. This looks interesting. When I first saw that was green I did a double take, but it really does make sense. May have to try this to reduce the redness of my spots x

    1. I know right, it's so weird when you first see it :) But I definitely recommend it!

  2. Ha! I'm so glad you like it! :D x

    1. Hehe, yeah I really did. Even if it took me a long time to get round to reviewing it :)

  3. A green moisturiser? Now that would feel weird to apply...


    1. It really was weird when I first started using it, but the colour disappears really quickly because it's so light :)

  4. I like that green, it's sort of a pistachio colour? Haha. They reccomended I try their primer so I think that's next on my list.


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