Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tips: What to do with your Beauty Boxes

I haven't received a beauty box in about three months now, having had to cancel them due to a lack of funds. However, last year I managed to accumulate five of them, and anyone who has received beauty boxes will now how pretty, and high quality they are, so I really didn't want to throw them away. As I'm certain that you don't either.

For months now, all but one of them has sat collecting dust on my living floor, and when I recently picked up a new bookcase to home all of my books, I decided that it was time to take full advantage of the boxes and use them to keep the place tidy.

Each of the boxes was given a unique purpose:

Box One: The first box was initially allocated for my Shizzle Lips products, which I kept getting tied up in, because I'd received them all rolled up together. So, I unravelled them all, and curled them individually so that they're all completely separate and I literally just have to pick out the one that I want to use.

You can never have too many lip products ;)

As you can see I also threw in all of my lip balms, lip glosses and lippy as well, so I at least have them all in one place!

Box Two: I don't know about anyone else, but I am always misplacing my nail products. If it's not my Konad plates that I can't find, it's my nail file, and if it's not my nail polish, it's my nail art pen. So, yup I decided to throw most of these into one box.
Show your nails some lovin'

I, of course, didn't put all of my polishes into the box, because, well it's kinda unlikely that I'd been able to squish all of them into the box, even if I tried it, so I've left them in their drawer in my Fridge.

Box Three: Another collection of things that I never have any idea what to do with, is my hair curlers. I don't use them very often, and since I moved into my flat, just over a year ago, all they've done is sit in the drawer of my TV stand, which probably isn't the best place for them to be.

Exciting, eh...?

Not a very exciting picture, I know, but since there is still room in there, I'll probably start storing hair clips and bobbles in there too. Because yep, I'm always losing my hair bobbles too ;)

Box Four: Since I've been doing this blog, I've accumulated a heck of a lot of mini-sized products, either as free gifts, in beauty boxes, gifts with magazines etc, and instead of shoving them in a drawer until the end of time, I've made the conscious decision to actually use them!!

Fortunately, the mini size of these products, make them perfect little products to take travelling, as they of course don't take up too much space, which is perfect when I'm attempting to travel light. So, this box has made a great little place to put all of my mini-sized products that I intend to take away with my. It includes everything from my smaller Urban Decay Primer Potion, to a disposable razor, to samples of shampoos, shower gels and various serums and hair spritzes, as well as sample perfumes.

This is probably my favourite box, because with all of my mini's together, I feel more obliged to go take a sneaky peek when I fancy trying something out, and with them in the same box, I at least know where they all are :) And when holiday time comes around, I just take out all the things I think I'll need!

Other stuff:

Paper Strips: Initially I'd been planning to use the black strips of paper for packaging, but it got to the point where I felt that I was just keeping it for the sake of keeping it, so I decided to just put it out to be recycled instead.

Ribbons: The pretty ribbons that were used to hold the paper together inside the box, I've actually been using as curtain ties in my bedroom and office, because they just look really cute, and I tie them up a bow :)

So, there you go, that's what I've done with my box and their contents.

What have you been storing inside your beauty boxes? And what did you do with the inner packaging?

Thanks for reading, it means a lot. 
Feel free to leave a comment.
Kat x


  1. I have 2 or 3 boxes. One is on my bedside table with "before bed products" in. well in theory it was, now it houses a few mini body shop butters so I would put it on before bed. (it needs re-thinking)

    The second houses writing paper and envelopes.

    The third one I used to wrap a scarf I got my mam for christmas.


  2. I've never had any but I use the ones from bath sets. I LOVE free samples and minis. I use them up. :D


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