Monday, 30 January 2012

NOTD: Dark Skies

Apparently snow is heading our way, which I'd really be grateful if it didn't thanks, because I've made this bargain with Mother Nature, and she promises that Spring is on its way. But, today's Nail of the Day I felt really matches the mood of recent weather. First of all, I just want to apologise for how rubbish my nails are looking at the moment, a couple of them are growing nicely, and others keep breaking (the nature of the breakage isn't important, right *cough*). But then I didn't do a very good job on the nails...I ended up smudging them and ARGH! But, I wanted to show you them, because the colours are so pretty.

So, here is what they look like:

This is what the colours look like, when you first pick up the bottles:

Left: Hidden Reef. I'm not sure that the photo entirely represents this colour, because I think that it's a bit more pink than it looks here. But, it's a gorgeous colour no less.

Right: Deep. When I first looked at this shade, it felt like a really drab grey, and I wasn't that excited about trying it out. However, I then looked more closely at the bottle, and realised that it actually had a little bit of a hidden secret behind it.

Indeed, both of these polishes have glittery undertones that really shine whent he bottles (or your nails) are held up into the light).

Here is a closer picture, of each, to try and show you what I mean:

The glitter is much more noticeable in the grey product on the left, but if you look really carefully at the peach one on the right, you can just make out a very subtle pink glitter. And I really love that, especially in the grey shade, because I am really not a fan of grey for nails, so was a bit sceptical when I first got this, however, the purple makes it such a secretly cool colour.

Both of these polishes are part of the SpaRitual Spring range:

Initially, when I first saw this image of the collection I was curious at to why it was called "Water", and I know that I really detest writing things out as a copy-and-paste jobby from the Press Release, but I wanted to share the inspiration for the collection with you, because I found it quite interesting:

"Nature’s purest distillation of life-giving energy. Drink in its powers while getting lost at sea. A hidden world, found in the depths below, beyond reflection.
Shimmering corals, deep watercolors and dense pastels rise to the surface. The effect is fluid, weightless and glistening.
Our collection is inspired by the beauty and life-giving energy of one of our most precious resources, water." 

All of the collection contains absolutely no Formaldehyde, Toulene and DBP, and they're Vegan products. And 20% of sales created from this collection, will be given to Surge, a Charity specialising in providing clean water, as well as awareness for the need for clean water.

Colours available in this collection, are:

Deep: Shimmery Grey
Ebb and Flow: Aqua Creme
Hidden Reef: Shimmery Coral
Lucid: Lilac Creme
Ripple Effect: Mauve Creme
Undercurrent: Blue Creme

Personally, I think these colours are stunning, and I'm loving wearing the grey and coral shades together.

What do you think?

**I received both of these products as PR samples, but has that effected how I blog? Not really. I only share the information that I'd be interested in, and any review is 100% honest**

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