Friday, 6 January 2012

Lush The Comforter Review

Lush and Me: The first time I ever went in a Lush store, was probably about seven or eight years ago, in Nottingham, and I just remember standing there feeling so incredibly overwhelmed by the overpowering smell of all the products combined together.

Over the years, I've managed to overcome my sensitivity to the smell of the shops, and I gradually became a bit of a fan of theirs, opting to buy their products for presents for a variety of people over the years.

However, over the past year, I'd say, I'd started to get a little, I don't want to say "bored", but it seems to be the best word I can think of, but yeah, I've gotten a bit bored of the brand. I've tried a few products that I haven't been particularly impressed with, and I haven't used any of their products in quite a while.

What changed my mind? I've been getting a bit sick of using products bursting with chemicals, and am trying to only use products that are as natural as possible, so I decided to give Lush another try. I think having taken a break from using their products has helped me to appreciate the products again.

How friendly and helpful the staff are in Lush always reminds me why I loved the shop so much, in the past. I've really never had a bad experience with them.

Why did I choose The Comforter? To be frank, I hadn't a clue what I was looking for, but since I've been in my flat, I've been taking advantage of being able to have baths again (hurrah!!), something that I am enjoying even more now that the weather has gotten a little bit chillier. So I was kind of leaning towards getting something bath-related.

Basically, I just went through all the products int heir bath range and sniffed them, then picked the nicest one, which just happened to be The Comforter. I'm so easy, me :)

The Smell: Since I bought this on the smell, it only seem fair to start with it. The best way to describe this yummy smell is by saying: Raspberry Sherbet Dip. It really is like having a bath in sherbet dip, I kid you not. And it is DI-VINE!

How to use it: The comforter might look very solid, but it is actually really crumbly. So, you can easily break off a small amount and crumble it into the water. I found that for extra-foaminess, that it's best to crumble it directly underneath the flow of the taps, and you really should expect serious bubbly goodness :D

More Bubbles!!

Lots of Bubbles!!!!
I don't think it shows up that well in the photos, but the bubble bar leaves the water really pink in colour, which is nice and girly. But unlike some other bubble bars, it doesn't leave a mess when you drain the bath, which is good!

Longevity: I know that the packaging recommends using the product quickly, but I've had this product for a month now (I don't care if that makes me sound skanky...for £4.15 I'm making this product last if it kills me!!!), and it still smells amazing, and hasn't lost it's raspberry smell at all.

Would I buy this product again? Definitely, even if it's just for use as an air freshner, because I can't even describe how amazing my bathroom smells thanks to this product (not that my bathroom smells bad, I assure you, but this smells a lot nicer than Domestos and Bathroom cleaners!!). I love the smell, the bubbles and the pink water. I'm easily pleased, evidently :)

Price: £4.15

Buy: Online or In-Store

Have you tried Lush's bath bars? Which is your favourite, and which do I need to be trying out next? 



  1. I have this as well and I love it! I've also used it to have foot baths lol, one lasts about 4 baths for me so well done for keeping it for so long! I also like to mix up bubble bars, so I'll add different ones and wait for the water to change colour before adding another one lol xxx

  2. I only use a little bit in each bath which is the only reason it lasts :) Really need to try some others though! Never thought to use them in foot baths, may have to try that!


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