Wednesday, 25 January 2012

30 Before 30

As many of you might already know, I turn 30 next year *gulp* in the very distant (yet nowhere near distant enough) November of 2013. And I've decided that I want to see out my twenties in style.

The problem with lists like this is judging how realistic to be. I mean, I have some really big dreams, but financially I honestly don't think that I'll be able to save up to do them, before the end of 2013. But then again, January 1st 2008, I never expected to be going to Canada five months later, just like January 1st 2011 I never expected to be going to Turkey five months later. Life is just so unpredictable, and I want my list to be achievable but interesting at the same time :)

1. Lose one stone in weight (24.02.2013 - so far I've lost eight pounds!)
2. Stop biting my nails (2012!!)
3. Have a Manicure
4. Dye my hair purple, one last time
5. Own a product by MAC, just because I feel like I'm missing out by owning nothing of this brand!! (28.01.2012 - Bought MAC Matte Eyeshadow in Zingy from Cosmetic Candy's blog sale :))
6. Go for a rain walk (03.10.2013)
7. Walk up Steep Hill in Lincoln
8. Watch a sunrise or sunset (16.10.2013 Car Journey from Milton Keynes to Oxford at Ridiculous o'clock!!)
9. Exercise every day, for at least one week
10. Complete my entire Pilates DVD without feeling tired, in one work out
11. Read 15 books over the course of 12 months (I almost managed this in 2011, but only managed 14!) (Achieved in August 2012, well I've actually read 16 books in eight months :P)
12. Finish writing the first draft of my novel
13. Encourage a minor celebrity to take part in my Positive Beauty Pledge (how awesome would that be??)
14. Learn Japanese Welsh (I learnt a few bits whilst in Wales in May 2012 :D)
15. Master the application of liquid eyeliner (I swear that there is a secret to, I just haven't mastered it yet!) Maybe not quite mastered, but I've managed to do it pretty much okay :P
16. Paddle in the Sea (25.05.2012, Black Rock Sands!!)
17. Go to a  Gig Saw Blink-182 and All-American Rejects, in Sheffield, in June 2012 :D
18. Go to Edinburgh (November 2012)
19. See Les Miserables in London (not in London, or on stage, but I saw the film, and that felt good enough for me :D)
20. Go back to Derby (April 2012)
21. Go to the Media Museum in Bradford (December 2012)
22. Try ten new, healthy recipes
  1. Egg and Prawn Fried Rice (16.02.2012). This really didn't go too well, because I discovered that I don't like cooked prawns, and that I only like them in a prawn salad :)
  2. Turkey Burgers (Various Occasions). Okay, so I didn't actually make them, the other half did, but they're yummy and healthy, so I say that they count :P Plus I'd never tried Turkey Burgers before :)
  3. Ham and Cheese Chicken (08.07.2012). Didn't quite go to plan, and the ham wasn't really with the cheese or the chicken, but it still tasted nice :D
  4. Chicken and Vegetable Soup (15.01.2013) 
  5. Chicken, Potato and Leek Soup (19.01.2013)
  6. Chunky Chicken and Sweetcorn tSoup (02.02.2013)
  7. Mushroom Risotto (11.02.2013) It was....boring! Just plain boring.
  8. Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (12.02.2013) Better with the chicken, but I don't think that I'm a fan of Risotto!!
  9. Chicken Casserole (07.07.2013) This was actually really delicious, even though I think I put too many onions in (I'm not a huge fan of onions)
  10. Shepherd's Pie (29.09.2013)
23. A Star Wars Marathon: All six films, in the proper order (as George Lucas intended them to be!)
24. Go to Oxford (3rd July 2013)
25. Take other half to Chester (10 November 2012)
26. Go to Newcastle (September 2012)
27. Find a new hobby (I've started working on a Creative Journal as well as collaging which has been fun)
28. Watch 30 films
  1. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead
  2. Moonrise Kingdom
  3. Batman Begins
  4. Arrietty
  5. Aristocats
  6. Adventureland
  7. Les Miserables
  8. Wreck It Ralph
  9. Bridget Jones' Diary
  10. The Runaways
  11. The Wedding Singer
  12. Transformers
  13. The Matrix
  14. Forrest Gump
  15. Turner and Hooch
  16. Due Date
  17. Charlie Casanova
  18. Easy A
  19. Twelve
  20. Oblivion
  21. Star Trek Into Darkness
  22. Secret of Nimh
  23. Mirror Mirror
  24. Damsels in Distress
  25. Avengers Assemble
  26. Leon
  27. Water For Elephants
  28. The Dark Knight
  29. An American Tail
  30. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
29. Complete 30 Before 30
30. Have an AWESOME 30th!!

What would be on your 30 Before 30 List? Or whatever big age will be your next (hey, no one is here to judge ;))


  1. What a cool idea. I'll be turning 30 in 2014 and if practicality wasn't an issue and I could have anything on my list the top 2 would be go to New York and be a published author.


  2. I'd love to go to New York too, but in reality I'm 99% certain I wouldn't be able to manage that one :)

  3. I'm 27 this year and have decided to make a 30 by 30 list. So far I only have 11! They are get married, London eye, PJ party, afternoon tea, visit Bath, visit Chester, visit Paris, girls Bendiorm break, cook a 3 course meal, eat at a sushi bar and make a pizza from scratch.

    I get married this year & am going to Benidorm for my hen. Am also planning on having a PJ when OH is on his stag so I know I'll be doing at least three! xx

  4. I really fancy the London Eye, but the OH is scared of heights, so I don't think that'll be happening any time soon unfortunately!!

    Chester is a beautiful place by the way, I was there with my Mum last summer :)

  5. My 30th is in August of this year - I have to say I have put off making a list as I know how disappointed I will be if I don't finish it. I just want to go to New York, although my partner seems less keen. He hates flying so it may be a single return ticket for me! I WILL make it happen xx good luck on the list xx

  6. Great list - I might think about making one of these soon so I have time to prepare :)
    I like no.18 - come visit Edinburgh, I can show you around :)


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