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Glade Candles Review

What's this? A candles review? Why yes, it is indeed. I know that it's not really very beauty-related, but I think that scented candles are great for relaxing and they are most definitely aimed at us ladies, so I thought that it felt appropriate.

Not gonna lie, I'm not really a candle type of gal. I've had a few in the past, but mainly only for decoration.

Why I'm not really a fan of scented candles: I don't know if I'm weird, or even if I've mentioned this before, but I'm a bit sensitive to certain smells, and I'm really not a fan of strong ones. I tend to find that strong smells make me feel sick and give me a head ache, and this is most definitely true when it comes to candles. I tried them in my student days, but I've never been back since.

What changed my mind: If you have ever smelt these Glade candles, then oh my god, you would really understand. Actually, that's only party true. I was inspired on their smell, however, I've been interested in trying out some scented candles after smelling a Charity Shop bought Yankee Candle that my Mum has been using recently, that genuinely smells like Christmas Trees.

I've always found that candles or products that attempt to create a faux smell of something that specific typically crash and burn with sickeningly overpowering scents. However, this one that my Mum has, is absolutely amazing, and smells like she really has a Christmas Tree in her hallway. Seriously.

But, okay, I'm not here to sell you my Mum's Yankee Candle. I'm here to tell you about these three candles:

As soon as I picked up each of these candles, I was amazed at how awesome they smell. They are quite strong smelling, but it wasn't that sickeningly artificial smell that warps a lot of candles.

Another thing that really appealed about these candles, is the really cute designs on the glasses, which I really love. A lot of candles just tend to be in plain clear or coloured glass pots, but these ones are much prettier :)

Winter Berries: This one is most definitely my favourite candle, and I was really impressed with how quickly the smell filled up the room after it had been lit, which is a plus because I think a lot of candles tend to take a while for me to actually be able to smell them once lit.

The Winter Berries candle is the strongest smelling candle out of all three (which makes me surprised that I find it the nicest smelling), and has taken up residence in my living room. I think it works nicely in the living room because it has quite a warm, spicy fruit smell that suits that particular room. And of course, it is a perfect scent for the time of year.

With Love: This is a very subtle smell, that is hard to detect at times, but still noticeable. It is very floral, which isn't hugely surprising from a candle with "love" in it's name,and it features Jasmine which is lovely.

The one has found a home on my nightstand, and I've been using it before I go to bed for relaxing. I think this candle is great for that purpose because it isn't very strong, like the Winter Berries one is.

Glistening Snow: I have to say that this one is my least favourite, and I don't really think that it smells like Glistening Snow. It's supposed to smell like "fresh-cut needle and spruce blended with...berries, cinnamon and orange peel", but I'm not entirely convinced that it quite smells like that.

In fact, this was the very first one that I picked up and I instantly went "mmmm" which inspired me to smell more of them, but since lighting it, I've found the scent much less...well....inspiring, I guess. I'm not entirely sure what it is, and I do still like the smell, it's just not as nice as the other two I think.

This one is currently living in my Office, because the Winter Berries one is just far too strong for the area that I spend most of my day, whilst the With Love one is perhaps a little too relaxing...and not recommended for my work area ;)


Brand: Glade
Varieties: Glistening Snow, Winter Berries, With Love. There are so many different varieties available, so it's worth checking out in-store to see what there is.
Lasts: Up to 30 Hours Burning Time.
Caution: The products do state that people with perfume sensitivity should be careful when using these candles, so if like myself, you do find that you are sensitive to the small even a little, it's probably best not to use them for lengthy periods of time.
Price: I picked these three babies up from Tesco, who were selling them on offer: Buy One Get TWO Free, which is awesome. And one candle cost £4, so I picked all three up for just £4.

Would I buy them again? At full price? Probably not. They do all smell amazing, and I do genuinely like them. In fact, I genuinely think that they're worth the £4. However, like most nicer items, they're only really feasible as an occasional treat, which is probably where these will have to stay for me.


  1. I bought some of these from Tesco when the offer was running. I'm currently burning the chocolate and honey one which I love! xx

  2. omg, you shouldve got the winter spice one, its so good!

    i love you beauty pledges, theyre brilliant! so much so i'm a new follower, great blog, keep up the good work!

  3. I discovered today that Wilkinson's are selling these candles for something like £1.84 each, which is bloody good, so might have to go buy myself some more ;)

    PS @Pretty In Pink, good to have you on board and welcome :D


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