Saturday, 19 November 2011

100 Things that Make Me Happy: Part Four (Christmas Special)

Yeah, I know it's a bit too early to be blogging about Christmas, but as part of this series, I couldn't resist ;) So, here is my Christmas Special featuring ten things that make me happy :P

Thirty One.
Lights in Trees
Image found here.

Thirty Two.
Snow Globes
Image found here.
Thirty Three.
Christmas Trees
Cat preferably not included.
He'll be safely in the kitchen with the Turkey!!
Image found here.

Thirty Four.
The smell of Turkey cooking
Hahaha, good ol' Monica ;)

Thirty Five.
Cheesy Christmas Films
You can't have Christmas without
Buddy the Elf!!

Thirty Six.
Freshly fallen snow
Double fairy points for anyone who knows who this is ;)
And huge kudos to whoever created this masterpiece *jealous*
Image found here.
Thirty Seven.
Wrapping up in my My Chemical Romance Scarf,
and pretending I'm 24 again ;P

Thirty Eight.
Wrapping up Presents

Thirty Nine.
The Coca Cola Advert
You know Christmas is coming when you've seen this advert...true?

Memories of drinking Orange Reef at the Christmas table,
But telling my Nana it was Orange Juice,
And she believed me....!!
Image found here.
What makes you happy about Christmas :)


  1. I'm so excited about Christmas, and I love all of the above too! Can't wait to get out in the snow (if we have some!), wrapping presents and getting decorations! x

  2. PS, I've just mentioned you in my latest post ;) x

  3. I've seen that Totoro snowman before it's adorable! No idea who made it though!


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