Friday, 28 October 2011

What is Beauty: Revisited

Way back in March, I wrote a post titled What is Beauty. I don't remember what was written in that post, but following the success of my Positive Beauty Pledge, and how far I have come emotionally in the past seven or eight months, I've decided to revisit this topic, as an experiment to see how my opinion of beauty has changed.

So, what is Beauty, to me?

The notion of beauty, as I now see it is an incredibly difficult one. I know that I wear make up in a vain attempt to make myself feel beautiful, as I am positive that many other women do, but I do not think that make up is what truly makes a person beautiful, by itself. I think a lot of things contribute and compliment each other.

I believe that beauty is a smile, but not a fake "for the camera" type of smile. I mean a genuine smile, that comes from deeper inside the body.

Beauty is dressing how you want to dress, and being the person that you want to be, and not caring about the doubters or the people who try to put you down.

It is believing in yourself, and having confidence.
Image found here.

Beauty is a pair of shoes that make you feel ten-foot tall. It is a lipstick that suits your skin tone, or an eyeliner that makes your eye colour pop. It is a foundation that doesn't hide who you are, but disguises the things that dent your confidence.

Beauty is knowing that you are wearing an outfit, that might follow the latest fashion, or it might not, you don't care, because it looks amazing on you, accentuating the body that Mother Nature gave you.

But, beauty isn't just appearances, because it also exists all around us, but so many of us don't take enough time to stop and really appreciate it.
Image by C. Jacklin
Beauty is a sunset, shared with someone you love. It is watching a cat loved you unconditionally, as you tickle his chin. Beauty is walking to the top of a really steep hill, feeling absolutely knackered, turning around and seeing how far you have actually come, physically and emotionally.

What is beauty to you?


  1. Great post! Really liking the new blog layout :)

  2. Thanks :) And glad that you're liking the new layout. It needed tidying up so badly!!


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