Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Time for a Beauty Upgrade...?

The night before I turned 20 was a weird one. I expected to wake up the next morning feeling completely different, as if turning this milestone age, the first one out of my teenage years, was going to make me a woman.

As you can imagine, I woke up on the day of my 20th feeling exactly the same, and no more a "woman" than I did the day before. In fact, almost eight years later, there's still a part of me that still feels a bit like a kid even though I know that I'm not. I don't feel quite so naive anymore, and I'm finding it easier to walk away from situations (and people) that I'm not comfortable with. But, I still play video games (albeit nowhere near as often) and I still find the term "homo erectus" incredibly hilarious.

Following from the big downer of feeling absolutely no change from turning the now not so huge 2-0, I spent a long time not really worried about reaching 3-0. In my head, it wasn't going to change anything. What is age anyway? It's just a number, it doesn't mean anything right?

Hmm, yeah, and then "things" started to happen:

  • The first time that I had to tick the "25-34" box instead of the "18-24" one
  • The mass of grey hair that only seems to culminate in one area...odd!
  • The realisation that everyone around me in certain clothes retailers are only just over half my age
  • The feeling I get that I'm a tad too old to wear my hair in cute pigtails....apparently, this isn't "cute" anymore???!!!

And the most recent one:

  • Lines under the eyes!!

Oh, the absolute horror!!!

So, in just over a month's time it will be my 28th Birthday, and with that birthday will be the realisation that in two years time I'm going to be approaching the enormous 3-0 has made me question whether it's time that I accept I'm getting old, and:
  • Stop using a certain teenage-range of hair care products just because I like the smell. 
  • Accept that I'm going grey, and opt for the "covers all grey" hair dyes.
  • Switch to anti-wrinkle creams instead of the ones that I buy for the pretty packaging
  • Start wearing granny clothes sourced from frumpy clothing shops like Evans!!

Okay, so I'm not being entirely serious, but when do I really need to accept that I am getting older, and that my beauty regime is inevitably going to have to change as my currently-used products become ineffective against grey hairs and wrinkles.

And of course, all of this begs the question from the girl who never used to care that much, but "When the hell did I care so much about the way I look?"

I guess it comes to us all in the end!

Nevertheless, there are a few good things that come with age, and I believe that it was David Baddiel that recently said something along the lines of:
The best thing about getting older is that you no longer have to lie about enjoying going clubbing!
I could not agree more!! Some other things I'm looking forward to (in a spoof-kinda sense!!):
  • No one noticing when you have a bad hair day
  • Being able to get away with wearing big jumpers
  • It will now be acceptable to have lipstick on my teeth
  • I can get away with wearing granny glasses (which are of course....cheaper!!)
  • The obsession over each tiny grey hair won't be such a big deal (because you probably won't notice it wedged in amongst the million other ones!!)
  • Guaranteed seat on the bus....!! AND, it will probably be at the front!
  • People will come to you for advice, just because you're old, and apparently wiser, even if you are the old, but not really the wiser!
  • The knowledge that I am one step closer to a Bus Pass (hurrah!) and a Senior Rail Card (double hurrah!)

Can you think of anything else to look forward to about getting older?


  1. I already wear big jumpers, granny glasses and have lipstick on my teeth.

    The day I turned 20 my boobs sagged. They used to be like up and perfectly round and fake looking. Now they aren't :|.


  2. If you go down the frumpy Evans clothing route, I vow to never speak to you again.


    K xxx

  3. I'm not. 5 days to go and I'm cringing. DO NOT WANT.

  4. This post made me chuckle :-) I nearly had a nervous breakdown when I turned 25 years old. It was such a weird significant age for me...my 26th was a breeze. Strange.

  5. Fab post :) I hated turning 25 because it meant ticking that box! My friend also very kindly wrote in my card that I would now be in the 'overs' category if I went on X Factor, yeah, thanks for that....



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