Friday, 21 October 2011

These Boots are made for Walking

It's official. I have finally found a good thing about the current fashion trend for wearing your boots OVER your jeans! Not that I have anything against the fashion, but it's one that does not fit with my chunky legs.

What is that good thing, you ask? Well, the wideness of the boots (in order to accommodate said jeans), means that I have managed to find myself a nice pair of boots, in ASDA, of all places that fit my chunky calfs!

Image by Kitty
I know that a lot of plus-size retailers sell wider fitting boots, but in my experience they always seem to be expensive or I just don't like them. But these ones were exactly what I'd been looking for, and it was so lovely to be able to try some boots on (in my actual shoe size) and to be able to zip them up without any problems, or tightness.

Image by Kitty
I was also impressed that they're not tight, even when I tie the laces up. I've seen a lot of girls wearing boots like this with the laces undone, but since I'm not intending that part of the boot to be on show, I don't see the point.

For me, the higher boot was more for warmth now that it's getting chilly than fashion, as such.

Image by Kitty
It amuses me, that when I wear them, I sort of feel like I'm heading off for a days hard graft down the local mine ;)

But, the boots are really comfy, fairly warm (although we'll wait and see how that goes, once the really cold weather hits!) and I've had no problems with them.

Brand: George at ASDA
Price: £20
Heel: Small
Fastening: Side Zip and Laces
Comfort: 9/10 (marked down because they rub a little on my small toe, on my right foot!)

What do you think? What boots will you be sporting this Autumn/winter?



  1. I've got chunky legs too and struggle with boots. Going to hunt these down this weekend, thank you! xx

  2. Those boots are lovely and really good price too!


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