Sunday, 23 October 2011

Positive Sunday: PostSecret

Keeping positive is difficult for a lot of us, you don't need me to tell you that. We all have our hang-ups, our quirks, the things that make us "weird" and that we're embarrassed about. And that is why I wanted to put some focus on to a truly amazing blog/website, that I must have been an avid reader of six years now. I've certainly been reading it since I was at Uni.

That website is:

The problem that most of us face is this huge worry that our weirdness isn't "normal" or that people won't want to know is, if they found it. But, PostSecret makes you realise that you are normal, no matter what anyone thinks, and that there are lots of people out there that either share your weirdness, or that connect to you in a deeper way.

So, what's PostSecret all about?

PostSecret is a one-of-a-kind project set up by an American guy called Frank Warren, in 2005. The idea was to give people the opportunity to "unburden" themselves of whatever secrets or demons that haunt them, but putting them down on an anonymous postcard, that was then posted to Warren, and potentially displayed on the blogspot that had been set up.

Every Sunday, a large variety of secrets are shared for all to read, and comment on, if they so wish.

Why PostSecret is so Special?

Personally, I think that what makes PostSecret so special, is the fact that people are given this opportunity to relieve themselves of something that they feel is dragging them down, but in the happiness that no one will ever be able to identify them as the writer, and no one will judge them for it.

In fact, most Secrets are met with a variety of individuals announcing their empathy to the sender, and many people even thank them.

Reading PostSecret is very much a rollercoaster of emotions: Some will make you feel angry, either at the person or for something that has happened to that person. Some will make you feel sad. Others will make you smile, and it is those ones that can really make your day.

What can be Learned from PostSecret?

We're all normal. We're all angry. We all have our secrets. And that are anger and our secrets are exactly what makes us normal!

So next time you worry about something, or feel guilty, or feel a general dent in your confidence. Check out PostSecret, and realise that you are who you are, someone out there loves you, and no matter what mistakes you think you have made in life, you are still an amazing person.


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