Saturday, 8 October 2011

I Think I'm in Love...!!

Anyone who knows me, will know that I've never really been a follower of fashion. In fact, I'm a huge advocate for the idea that clothes are more a statement of who you are, and that you should wear what you want, as long as it suits you, your personality and your body shape, and as long as you feel comfortable in it. If it's fashionable, then great, but if it's not, then who cares?

A few months back, I was chucking away the crap that came inside the latest copy of Psychologies Magazine, when I came across a mini catalogue for a clothes company that I'd never heard of.

I'm sure a lot of you are similar, but when it comes to the rubbish inside magazine I very rarely read it, unless it's clothes, jewellery or something like Lakelands (in which case I read it from cover-to-cover secretly wishing I'd married a millionaire so I could buy everything!).

Nevertheless, being a larger girl, who isn't that huge on fashion, it's not very often that I'm really drawn into wanting that much from clothes catalogues. But, this one was different. It was full of clothes that if I was a couple of sizes smaller, I would have definitely ordered right there and then. They were quirky, interesting and just "different".

It's fair to say that I'd fallen in love, with a brand called Joe Browns.

For ages the booklet sat on my desk, with the intention of looking up the website, but for some reason, I never got round to it. And, ultimately, I forgot about the company completely.

That was until this month's issue of Psychologies Magazine arrived on my doorstep, and inside was this:

A Few Pieces I Adore...

Here are a few pieces that I particularly loved. I tried taking pictures of the items from the catalogue, but glare is such an irritating thing, so I'm using images from the Joe Browns website :)

Crinkle Distinctive Top.
 Dresses are something that I really would like to be able to wear more often, but with bat wings and flabby thighs and big tums, I'm never hugely confident in them. Nevertheless, this dress/top is amazing.
Remarkable Coat.
I absolutely LOVE this coat. I love the style, I love the pattern and I love the overall quirkiness of it. I think it would look ridiculous on me, even if I was a few sizes smaller, but this is definitely something I would love to be able to wear.
Jupiter Skirt.
I love the style of this skirt.

I'm really hoping that having fallen in love with this clothes range will be the inspiration that I need to lose some weight, because I really would be over the moon to be able to fit into these clothes.

All is Not Lost...

Nevertheless, by sheer coincidence, I've recently been scouring the internet for a winter coat, and found myself on the SimplyBe website. A site that I regularly check out, but for some reason, never actually buy anything from (not sure why!). But, imagine my surprise when I'm greeted by this page:

To say that I was absolutely ecstatic about discovering that Joe Browns does in fact sell larger sizes (albeit not necessarily in the same styles, but they are similar and I have noticed they're not surprisingly more expensive!), is a complete understatement.

If I had the money, I think I could spend a small fortune on this range. But, I don't know. I still feel quite motivated to lose some weight so that I can buy the smaller sizes. Not because it would be cheaper (which is most definitely a huge perk!), but because I'm not convinced that my body shape, at present, would look too great in some of these outfits (I'd love to be proven wrong on that!).

Has anyone else heard of this range? Am I the last to know? That wouldn't shock me ;)

Quick Note: I am in no way affiliated with Joe Browns or Simply Be. I was not approached to write this article, and I did not receive any kind of payment in return.

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  1. Buy a smaller size in something you absolutely love and try fit in it. BUT its xmas soon so fuck a diet. Diets just make people miserable. Plus you suit your shape.

    But I love joe browns stuff, Im like you and saw it in a magazine haha. My mam wears stuff like that (shes more fashionable than me)



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