Monday, 31 October 2011

100 Things That Make Me Happy: Part One

When I was writing up the post regarding the winners of the Cosmo Blog Awards, I found myself very drawn to the Sofia's Journal Blog. Perhaps because I have a bit of a soft spot for cute drawings, and I absolutely love Sofia's header, and overall design.

So, whilst having a little snoop around, I spied her 100 Things series, chronicalling 100 Things that make her happy, and considering the nature of my blog, I felt that this was make a great feature. So, I hope she doesn't mind, but I've decided to do one for myself. Not sure, how long this series will last before I run out of ideas, but here is part one!!

My Cat: Patch

Patch turned 18 back in May, so it's fair to say that he isn't a young bean anymore. But, for a long time since we've had him, Patch has not been the friendliest cat in the slightest. In fact, I'm amazed that my Primary School teachers didn't call my parents regarding self-harm issues, due to all the scratches I had on my legs at one point, caused by the ever-so-darling cat!!

Nevertheless, over the past few months, Patch has really softened up, and he's become a really loving and affectionate cat. And, despite his often nastiness, I wouldn't change him for the world.

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Anyone who reads my blog regularly, might already have a good idea that I am a HUGE lover of quotes, especially ones that are inspiring and/or make you think. It doesn't matter if they are from an amazing piece of literature, a song lyric, or a line from a quote. They might just be from the mind of someone "normal".

Having something to look forward to.

You have to admit that unless you work in certain industries, life can get pretty boring at times so it is really great to have things to look forward to. At the minute, I'm looking forward to going to a Final Fantasy music concert next weekend, as well as seeing Bill Bailey the day before (hurrah!)

I don't if this is a "reverting to childhood" kinda thing, but I love bubbles, and popping them always inspires a huge smile on my face :-D

This is something that I don't do often enough, but I absolutely love going swimming. It's so relaxing, and invigorating.

Finishing a really good book
There is something amazingly satisfying about closing a book that you have really enjoyed, for the last time.

That feeling, in a cinema when the lights go down
I don't think I can really explain how or why this makes me happy, but as long as I'm not surrounded by baboons who insist on talking through the entire film, I'm content :D

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Writing is my whole life. I live it and I breathe it. I even did my Degree in it. If I was told that I couldn't write anymore, I don't know what I'd do with myself...the world would just stop!

Steam Trains
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I may try to deny it on a regular basis, but I am a huge lover of steam trains. I grew up visiting the Ffestiniog Railway, in North Wales, and I don't think that I will ever get bored of going there :) 

Exploring the United Kingdom
Beddgelert, in Wales. Taken by Kat J
The United Kingdom is such a beautiful collection of countries, and I never get bored to visiting some truly amazing places.

Part Two coming soon ;)


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