Sunday, 18 September 2011

Speechless Sunday: Scarborough

This was the view from just outside our hotel. The view from our room wasn't
quite so nice unfortunately!!

I always think there's something quite magical about the sun's rays, especially
when the weather isn't really that great!

Can you tell it had just bucketed down with rain?
I loved this rock face. It looked magnificent!

I <3 Shells

Water is just so serene...

I love this photo, with Scarborough Castle in the background

Early Evening Walk in Scarborough

We have a thing for taking photos of shadows!!
I like it, because it makes my legs look long and slim ;P

I grew up "near" the sea, but we never really get waves quite like this.

A Steam Bus in Whitby!!

Whitby Abbey

Note: All images are my own, taken during my recent holiday to Scarborough. 


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