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Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac Review

I really need to get back in the habit of reviewing products, because I now have a small mountain of things that need to be reviewed. But, I think that I've actually forgotten how to review a product so I've decided to head back to the blogs roots with how I used to review products when I first started, but with a little bit of an updated twist.

A. Because it makes reviewing easier for me, and B. I feel that reviewing products this way is much informative. If anyone wants to offer any feedback on this method of reviewing, then I'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts :) So, anyway, here's my review of my Sleek Pout Polish.
Simple packaging, but what more does it need?

Brand: Sleek

Product: Pout Polish

Shade: 947, Pink Cadillac

Benefits: SPF 15, Tinted Lip Conditioner

Packaging: The packaging is quite simple, with a clear shallow pot that allows you to see the colour of the product, and a black lid that has quite a simple design to it.

It think the shallowness of the pot is great because it makes it a nice little addition to your handbag, but will also fit into your pocket or a large purse.

My Problem Areas: I tend to stay away from the majority of coloured lip products, because I find that they dry my lips out, or make me feel sick because their "taste" is so overpowering". So, I'm more of a lip balm wearer.

What I'm Looking for: As you can guess from my problem areas, I'm looking for a coloured lip colour that is moisturising, doesn't taste too overpowering but also offers a colour that is subtle, rather than bold and "in-your-face".

Is it a lip gloss, or a lip conditioner?

Why I Chose Sleek: Well, I actually won this product as part of a Bloggers Giveaway, however, I'd been keen to try something of Sleek for quite some time, because absolutely everyone seemed to be talking about the range, and yet everything I went to look at the Sleek stands, they were never in a good enough condition to warrant more than a glance! Therefore, I've never tried anything from them.

How I Picked the Shade: Again, I didn't pick the shade, and to be honest, this probably isn't a shade that I would have chosen myself, because it looks like quite a bright pink, which isn't really to be personal taste.

How the Product is Used: I don't really think that there is a right or wrong way to apply a lip polish, but the way that I chose to apply it is my dabbing a small amount into my lower lip, using my ring finger and then blotting my lips together.
The product has quite a smooth consistency.

I only apply it to my lower lip because I'm only looking for a light coating, otherwise I fear the colour will be too strong for my tastes.

Did it Sort out my Problem Areas: The colour is just subtle enough for me to wear it on a daily basis, and I have been incredibly impressed with how "nourished" my lips feel after using the product. It's not going to work wonders during the impending cooler months, but it's been a great little product to have through the summer when the sun has been burning my lips and drying them out a little.

The right swatch has been blended out.

Any Downsides? It's very easy to apply to much, which I think can be quite strong in flavour, and at times it does make me feel a bit sick. But, applied sporadically, it's not too bad. It's probably not something that I'd chose to apply constantly, for that reason.

Who is this product for? I think this product is great for anyone who wants a coloured lip product that offers a little bit of colour rather than the more intense colour that "most" lippies offer. It's also great for anyone who wants to add a little moisture to their lips at the same time, and it saves having to apply both a lipgloss/lipstick and a lip balm together.



  1. I have this same Pout Polish in same colour and I love using it in the winter when my lips are a bit drier. I've missed your reviews! Not that I minded your other posts ;)

  2. Have heard so much about Sleek, these reviews are so useful and I'll make sure I check out their range with these points in mind x

  3. I tend to need something a bit more medicated when winter hits, because my lips get really chapped!

    I just looked back on my last few months of blogging, and this is only my third review in a VERY long time, which is very shameful considering my blog name AND considering that was the heart of why I started blogging; to write reviews! I'm definitely aiming to concentrate on them a lot more in the future! Get back my focus :)

  4. Mines too! I tend to use a lipbalm first then this over it to get some colour since lipsticks can be drying :(

    I look forward to reading your future reviews!


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