Tuesday, 6 September 2011

NOTD: Red Alert

This NOTD is actually from last week, and is a polish that I was wearing when I received my Nail Art Pens from Model's Own. But this is of course prior to absolutely ruining my nails with my over-excitement with white dots.

The title of this post is a slight nod to an old lady that we used to see all the time, around the town in which I grew up. She was a little bit doolally, was always asking one of the bus drivers to marry her, and was very rarely ever seen without this same red coat and hat combination. She inevitably became known as "Red Alert", and I have to say that I haven't seen her in a very long time.

But, since purchasing a red polish a few months back to see how much I liked it (in the midst of much scepticism about wearing red polish!) I've become a little bit obsessed with it, and now appear to be gaining a nice little collection of varying reds. Seriously, who knew that there were some many different types of red?!?

The polish that I used for this NOTD was 17 in Knockout Red:

It's a Knockout.
You can't really tell in either of these pictures, but I noticed a bit of an orangey tinge to this shade, which I quite liked.
I really love how bright and vibrant the colour of this red is, because a few of my other red polishes have been more of a dark red.

I also thought that the overall look of the polish was great, without streaks and quite shiny, even without a top coat.

So, what do you think, and what colour polish are you wearing today?



  1. Red polishes and I don't usually get along very well... At the moment, my nails are two of the GOSH special editions that they just released for AW11. Rebel Yell and the Berry whatever one, I can't remember and I just woke up. Haha. Oh with some gorgeous nail art too. Of random gloss paint from me painting my bathroom door frames :B

  2. I'm exactly the same with red lipstick. I have a couple, and I'd love to wear them but they just look ridonkulous on me :-/

    I've just got into Gosh polishes. I love the colours, but I've been having issues with the consistency for some reason...maybe I just bought a bad one!

    PS - That sounds like the most awesome nail art...we should call it the "Au Naturale" Nail Art Look :P


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