Friday, 9 September 2011

NOTD: Creative Nails

I've been playing around with my new Model's Own Nail Art Pens again, but this time I decided to give the white one a try, and me being me, I decided to be a little bit creative. This look is completely improvised, I haven't copied anyone else's designs, so any similarities are purely coincidental, and if it looks crap well, I'm still learning :)

What I used:

Polish and Pen

  • Elf Nail Polish in Royal Purple - Despite buying this polish months ago, this is the first time that I've own it properly, other than as an initial swatch, and the colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's very vibrant and shiny and a really beautiful purple shade.
  • Models Own Nail Art Pen in White - I only used the smaller nib. I haven't really managed to master the larger one just yet. I think I might be too heavy-handed for it, but I'll have another go some other time.
  • No.7 Clear Top Coat - Thanks to my £5 off voucher, this only cost me £2 and is my first real experience with a No.7 polish, so whoop!
And how did they turn out?

Like this.....

And you know how much I like to include the thumb, in my NOTDs, because well, the thumb always gets left out in photos ;)
Yay for Thumby :P
They're not perfect, but I really love this look, because it's simple but I think it's quite elegant and classy. It's definitely given me inspiration to try other similar patterns.

What do you think? 



  1. i could kick myself: why didnt i buy this pen on the half price sale. aaaaaaaaaaaa. i love this manicure! xx

  2. Hehe, I didn't buy it in the half price sale either, but only because it was the only thing that I was buying :)

    And thanks Liloo, I'm glad that you like it :D I had an attempt of doing another one: different colour, but similar design and it didn't turn out quite as nice :-/

  3. They look lovely! I agree - they look classy and elegant :)

  4. I think they look good - the nail varnish colour is lovely - looks like it has a slight shimmer which is pretty ! I love experimenting with my nails - could do it for hours ! XxXx


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