Sunday, 7 August 2011

What a Palazzo

I'm not really a huge follower of fashion. I don't have the budget or the body shape to allow for it really, because I'm overweight, with a small chest, short legs and a long body, so I find it hard to find good fitting clothes anyway, without trying to follow fashion.

But, my not fitting to the modern idea of fashion and body shape, has led me to a fierce belief that fashion should only be followed if it suits your specific body shape. Some fashions suit tall frames, whilst other suit hour-glass shapes.

Nevertheless, every so often, there is a fashion that comes a long, claiming to be suitable for absolutely everyone as if it's some kind of miracle product. Of course, no item is 100% suitable for everyone, it's just not possible, and I have to say that I personally feel that the latest craze for "Palazzo" or very wide leg trousers is a hideous, but effective example of the point that I'm making.

Image from Yours Clothing

These trousers are described as being "flattering" to every body shape, but seriously?? Okay, so the wide leg won't cling to fat thighs, but it will make your legs look even wider! And, how can they possibly look good on shorter legs? Surely they'll just swamp them making them look even shorter?

As I say, I'm not a fashion guru, or anything like that, so I'd really love it if someone could explain how it could possibly be a good idea for any who is my size to wear these.

Personally, I think they look hideous on any body shape, but that's just my opinion, and I really don't get the rise of these types of trousers. On me, they are unflattering tents that add about 10 lbs to my thighs. Plus, since I have short legs, I struggle to find trousers in the right length, so I also have images of all the material trailing around my feet, and since I don't wear heels that is surely a health hazard.

Okay, so I'm being melodramatic, but I'd love to see someone actually looking good in these trousers. Please prove me wrong, because I really do not get it!!

Does anyone own a pair of Palazzo trousers? I'd love to see photos of who these trousers look great on. Or even if you don't, what are your thoughts on Palazzo trousers? A good all-rounder for hiding wobbly bits, or a hideous monstrosity?


  1. I'm afraid if I wore these I would look like a hippo wearing a pair of leggings!

    They should be binned, I can't even see them being flattering on a size 0! Horrid things! x

  2. I think they should be banned, along with leggings!

  3. I think they look good on Blake Lively in this photo but then again, she could make a bin bag look amazing ha. I think they suit people with long legs, or people wearing heals :) x

  4. I'm 5ft 7 and a size 10 and palazzos look absolutely horrendous on me. Infact I don't think I have seen anyone look good in them...Yet, anyway.

    Wide leg trouser = Yes. Palazzos = NO!


  5. Wide leg trousers make me look like ive tree trunks for legs so canonly imagine wat these would be like hideous id say !! im not even going there !! x x x

  6. I definitely agree with Shanice...Blake Lively looks fab in her trousers, but her uber long legs definitely help :)

    It just irritates me that they're strongly recommended for people that they really will not suit.

    Oh well, I shall just continue to envy those lucky ladies with legs up to their arm pits, as my mum always says :P

  7. I really think they're horrible =/

    xxx Vee


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