Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Some Things are Not Meant to Be Used...

Disclaimer: This is NOT real!!!
You remember when you were twelve years old, and you were finally allowed to go into town by yourself, without parental supervision? Well, I say "by yourself", but what I really mean is "with your friends". And your mum let you have some spending money, because otherwise, what was the point, and the first thing you did was raid where ever you knew you could get cheap make up. For me, it was either the market or Boyes, and the brand was typically Constance Carroll!

The colours were hideous, they smelt vile, and applying them tasted so disgusting, that looking back, I'm now convinced they contained some kind of poison trying desperately to warn little girls of the perils of wearing make up.

They most certainly were not of the highest quality, but we I was twelve, boy were they the best things ever. Why? Because I hadn't nicked them from my mum's make up bag. For the first time, they were MINE.

But, now I'm grown up (we'll debate that one at a later date), it's been a long time since I've tasted a lipstick like it...that was until I received this little gem from the loveliest ever Katie. Yes, it is a Playboy Lipstick!

Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!
But, even if it isn't the greatest tasting lippy in the world, the colour isn't too bad right?

Red....if you couldn't already tell....!

Actually, on my hand, I quite like the colour, but actually on my lips? Yeeeah, I have to say that it's a little bit too dark for my tastes. I did take some pictures, but I had this underlying urge to severely smudge it around my mouth and over my teeth so I'd look like some crazy drunken whore! Wow, those pictures would have been awesome, but no, I'm not going to be doing that!!

But, before I get accused of being the most ungrateful girl on the planet. I actually kind of like the packaging for this lipstick, in a tacky and as Katie put it herself "chav" kinda way.

When you think about it, most lipstick's come in tubes that are actually really boring and exactly the same as every other brand, so it's refreshing to have some interesting packaging.

 The famous logo by itself is of course the height of *cough* sophistication. But joking aside, I think that this lipstick is going to look lovely on my shelf, as a decorative piece. It certainly isn't coming anywhere near my mouth any time soon.....!

Arty?? Maybe....??

Something I am really curious though. I wonder if Hugh Hefner picks out the colours himself. I can guarantee that he sure as hell doesn't test them on himself (or any of the pretty ladies that he kisses!!!) because if he had, he really wouldn't be selling these beauties!!


  1. I wonder if your readers think I just buy you tat... or whether we should share the inside joke? lol

    Either way... it coulda been the Playboy croptop ;)

  2. Haha, nah don't share the inside joke....it's more fun to wind people up when they don't know the full story ;)

  3. I never thought they'd be selling makeup stuff.

  4. Hi Rae, these days I think Playboy sell pretty much anything they can squish a Playboy bunny into!!! ha :)

  5. Omg she only buys you taaaat :p
    I jest.
    Haha. Admittedly I do kinda like the tube. I don't like the pink box thing but the bunny tube is kinda awesome albeit chavvy, it's different. It's like a rols royce lipstick! haha


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