Sunday, 21 August 2011

NOTD: The Queen of Quirky Hearts

You might be able to guess this, but I'm not a particularly girly type of girl, so when I received some 17 Nail Art Stickers, as part of a recent Giveaway prize, I was keen not to use them with a pink polish. Not that I don't like pink polish, because despite not being very girly, I do still wear pink sometimes.

Being terrible at general nail art, I've been keen to try simple alternatives, and as regular readers will know I have so far tried Konad and the "sellotape" technique.

The real motivation behind using the heart-shaped stickers with a different colour, was purely because I like to experiment and try out different colours, to see how they look, and personally, I think this look turned out to be unexpectedly fab.

A gorgeous shiny blue...I really love this polish!
I used:
  • BeautyUK in Electric Blue, which I swatched, by itself, a couple of months back. I absolutely adore this colour, it's so sparkly and shiny, and just a gorgeous shade :D
  • 17 Nail Art Stickers in pink. I didn't use any of the leopard prints ones, so maybe I'll save those ones for another look.
Think I need to moisturise my fingers :)
The instructions stated to use tweezers to apply these stickers to your nails, but ha, as if I know where my tweezers are, so subsequently I ended up using my fingers and nails. It wasn't the best method, but I still got them there in pretty much one piece.

What do you think? I think they look kinda cute :)



  1. Love the nails! I got the stickers too and my little sis stole them off me! x

  2. They look so gorgeous! I love nail art, great job! xx

  3. Cute! Love the blue. One of my fav BeautyUK polishes! xx

  4. love love love this manicure, the shape of your nails, the blue, the pink sticker on it. now where the hell have i put mine. when i find them (or i find them at all) would need to link back to your lovely inspirational post.

    I've seen by the way that you're looking for guest posts. I would have loved to guest post. However I am a kind of seeing life as an half empty glass most of the time, if not fully empty and i would totally fail to enthuse and remain positive haha. I am depressive and dramatic therefore I am haha xx

  5. Hi ladies, I'm so glad you all liked them :D

    I do have to say that I'm going to have to write a follow up post in a bit to show how the nail art stickers are doing....!!


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