Friday, 5 August 2011

Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Soak

I honestly can not remember the last time that I actually reviewed a product, and since I have about ten products from the past two Glossybox's, I thought I'd review some of the products that I've really loved. Despite all of the controversy surrounding these boxes, there has been some fantastic products, that have made them worth it, and this one has most definitely got to be one of my favourites.

Packaging: The Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Soak comes in an absolutely huuuuuuge bottle, that weighs a ton (or close enough!). The design on the packaging isn't anything inspiring, but it serves it's purpose.

It has a pump at the top which I haven't had any problem with. With this type of product, I'm a huge fan of pumps, purely because I find it easier to regulate how much product I get out, in comparison to pouring bottles, which I end up tipping half the bottle into my hand or where ever I need it!!

Scent: This product smells absolutely nommy. In fact, it smells like Lemon flavour Starburst (I had a weird need to call them "Opal Fruits" then!!) and is just as mouth watering. I could love this product on it's smell alone. Yumminess!!

Directions: Add a few squirts of the product into a bowl of warm water, soak your feet for around 10 minutes, relax, chill out and breathe in the gorgeous aroma...aaaaaw, heaven, if I do say so myself!!

On the Bottle: "A foot soak designed to deliver long lasting and effective relief from puffy feet and dehydrated skin and nails."

Does it do what it says on the tin? I don't have really bad dry skin on my feet, but they had gotten a little rough around the heels, so I took the advice on the bottle which recommended to "use daily for tired over dry skin", and after two or three days, my skin felt much softer which was wonderful.

I actually came home from a day of shopping last weekend, and the balls of my feet were absolutely killing. Killing in the way that I thought was only possible in high heels, even though I was wearing sandals with a minimal heel. So, I very gratefully spent way too long soaking my poor weary feet using this Foot Soak, and they were very grateful!!

Would I buy it again? Looking at it, solely as a product, and not taking into consideration any other factor, I would most definitely consider buying this again. It smells divine, and my feet really love it, which is great, because my feet are probably the most neglected part of my skin.

What would stop me buying it? Unfortunately, at £20 it's a little over the budget I would spend on my feet, but I could easily be tempted to buy it as a every-so-often luxury treat type of item because it is worth the money.

Available from: Margaret Dabbs website.



  1. I've never tried anything by Margaret Dabbs before but this stuff sounds like a lovely treat for a pamper night. Do you know if it's available anywhere outside the official website? x

  2. According to the official website, there are three shops that sell it, but they're all based in London:

    Two are Margaret Dabbs spas, and the last is Harrods!

    Which is a bit rubbish really :-/


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