Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blistex Lemonade Blast: Heaven on Earth!!

Did you know that I am a little bit obsessed with lipbalms? You didn't well...shame on you! Ha, but seriously, I've been swearing by the Summer Fruits Eos Sphere Lip Balm for a few months now, and I absolutely love smelling it, using it and just plain looking at the packing. It smells and tastes divine, and is so adorable. I could rave about this product for a life time, but I've actually already done that, so I won't bore you for a second time ;)

Well, watch out Eos, because you may have found yourself a contender in Blistex's new Raspberry Lemonade Blast.

I received this in my Goody Bag from Girls Day Out over last weekend, and it has definitely become one of my favourite products. I absolutely love it and wanted to do a very mini review of it.

What I love so much about it: When I was in Infants, my mum used to buy me these Strawberry-flavoured lip balms that used to taste amazing. I loved them so much, that I was always reapplying the stuff, because I'd licked it off. I've never come across another lip balm that had that effect until I tried the Raspberry Lemonade Blast.

What else is so great about it? I have to admit that this isn't going to be ideal if you have particularly chapped lips, or when they're dry in the winter, but for the summer months or when you don't need a medicated lip balm, this is a delicious alternative that is really Moisturising.

Who would I recommend it to? I'd recommend this to anyone with a remotely sweet tooth! Ha, if you're a fan of fruity stuff like lip balms, perfumes, soaps etc then I'm pretty certain that you'll love this.

Would I Purchase? Most definitely. The price is fairly average for a Blistex, and I really do love it!



  1. I so wanted to love this. I thought it was a great dupe for the Crazy Rumors Raspberry Sherbert lip balm, but I found the Blistex one was a bit overpowering and tasted very strange. I think I can also credit it to drying my lips out :( They were in a right state. I've gone back to Carmex and my lips have thanked me for it xx

  2. Oh no :( I have to admit actually, that now you've said that, my lips have been really quite dry over the past few days, but I'd put it down to the fact that it had been chillier....hmm, something to think about.

    I thought I'd find the flavour overpowering, but I weirdly haven't. Intrigued by these Crazy Rumors ones though...never heard of them!

  3. There's so many good reviews for this, I need to get my hands on it asap!x

  4. I haven't heard of this, but like you I'm also obsessed with lip balms! Looks awesome xx


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