Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bag a Bargain

I love a good bargain me, and I can regularly be found scrounging around in the local charity shops, or even the not-so-local charity shops.

Of course a lot of the stuff that you find is complete and utter tat that you can't imagine anyone would pay a single penny for, but in between all the Jeffrey Archer books, the creepy looking teddy bears and cosmetics that are probably circa the 1950s (seriously, I once found a product in a charity shop, by Simple that had packaging that looked several decades out-of-date!!), there are some absolute gems to be found.

My new baaaaag!!
Initially, I picked the bag up purely because I liked it, it seemed good enough quality, and despite a few scuff marks that could easily be cleaned up, it wasn't in too bad condition.

Plus the £1.50 price tag was a definite seller!

Looking at the picture now, it's no surprise that I liked it so much, because it kind of reminds me of the bag Ice Skating Bag that I used to carry my Ice Skates in when I was a kid, so it's like going back down Memory Lane!!

It wasn't until I got home that I grew curious as to what brand the bag was. But, I couldn't find any tags or labels inside the bag anywhere. But, then when I went to open the middle zipped compartment, I noticed the little logo on the zip....

Well lookie here!
I've been swooning over Accessorize handbags for absolutely months, so to say that I finally own one is an incredibly feeling, and to think that I only paid £1.50 for it is just YIPPEE!!!
There is no reason for this picture....I just liked it.......
In hindsight, it really goes to show that you can't snub the charity shop, because there might just be some hidden treasures in there waiting for you to find them.

What bargains have you picked up recently? :)


  1. Great find! I love charity shops! I buy a lot of books from charity shops but my best buy has to be a vintage navy handbag that I bought a few years ago. I love that bag. It was only a £1 too! x

  2. I buy a lot of books from Charity Shops too, as I'd much rather pay £1 for a book rather than £6.99!! I'm tight, I know :P


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