Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Temporary: Secretary's Positive Beauty Pledge

Anyone who has done the Pledge for me, will know that I don't like asking people to do it. It's not that I don't want people take part, because seriously, I want LOTS of people to do the pledge. But, I just don't entirely feel comfortable with people feeling like I'm forcing them into it, and I'd like them to volunteer to do it. If that makes sense.

I will confess, however, that I did ask Sarah of Temporary: Secretary if she would be this week's Positive Beauty Pledge, as a result of this post on her blog. But, luckily for me, Sarah agreed, so here she is (yay!)

Sarah's Pledge

I promise to not judge anyone on their appearance. I promise to treat people how I want to be treated and will not judge anyone on the way the look, the way the dress or the interests that they have. I have no rights to judge negatively and will not ever do so.

I promise that I will not be my own worst critic. I am guilty for this all the time but will promise to stop. 

It is not in my nature to rise up and be confrontational. So, my promise is that I won't get upset and accept that not everyone has to like me and that everyone has got their own opinions.

The Bad

What are you doing in this picture?

It was a photoshoot styled for the Hello Kitty Fashion Journal (HarperCollins) It was taken about 3 years ago.

Why don't you like it?

People on my blog have said that it's not that bad. And that makes me feel like I am just being silly. I've not explained why I don't like it, I don't want to bore people with the issues that I have with myself! But to me, the picture is more than appearance. I don't like it because, to me, it represents a time when I was quite embarrassed about the website and what I was doing. The girl in this picture is not "me". I was still at uni at the time and I found it hard to self-promote because I'm not a very confident person. I was worried that my friends would think it was naff. I find it hard to tell people about achievements incase they think I'm being big headed or annoying (Hell, it took me a year and a half to tell people about the hello kitty book!) I also find it hard to tell people what I've achieved incase they put me down. I'm not a very strong person and I would just cry at anything bad! So, anyway, when I got asked to send some photos through to the people at HarperCollins, I panicked and I thought "How do I do this without showing the real me?" - I didn't want people to know that Temporary:Secretary was me and so I tried to somewhat disguise that with some silly sunnies!! I didn't want to be judged. Even on my own blog, I only started to reveal the real me about three months ago. I have realised that I don't have to hide behind what I do. I don't have to be so reserved all the time. The only person that will effect is me.

Is there anything that you like about the picture?

....... Initially, I would say no. It really does make me cringe! But on a positive note, it has contributed to the learning curve. And the whole "style" goes with the context of the book. Fun, kitsch, colourful. 

The Good

When was this picture taken?

Easter time, 2011. 

What are you doing in this picture?

At the Lakes with my family

Why do you prefer this picture to the first one?

When I first started the business (I started the blog at the same time too) I had posted a few pictures of myself before but always got my face hidden somehow! This picture marks one of the first time where I decided to show everyone "This is me!". I prefer this picture because I am more comfortable about what I do now and I think it shows. I'm not trying to be anyone else but myself. No hiding and not dumb sunnies in sight!

Has comparing how you feel about both of these pictures made you realise anything about how you view yourself?

I have got to accept that it doesn't matter what people think, and that I have got to be stronger because whatever we do in life, it's open to judgement whether we ask for it or not.

Give an example of someone that you consider to be "unconventionally" beautiful

Lady Gaga

Why do you think she is beautiful?

Because she is confident and confident equals sexy! She's so talented and there's so much love for her. 

A huge thanks goes to Sarah for agreeing to do the pledge, and as a reward, here is your lovely Positive Beauty Pledge badge, for you to use as you see fit :D

If you are interested in taking part in the Positive Beauty Pledge, drop me an email for details :)



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