Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Leanne's Positive Beauty Pledge

Following last weeks mini-break from pledging, this week the Positive Beauty Pledge is back, and comes from the lovely Leanne, of A Slice of My Life. So enjoy...

Leanne's Pledge

  1. I will never say anything bad about someone else's appearance on my blog. I will not judge other people by their appearance and I will always treat other people how I expect to be treated.
  2. I tend to be quite negative about my own personal appearance, as a part of my pledge I aim to stop this. I will try to see myself how others see me; I have an amazing group of friends and an amazing fiancĂ© so surely I can’t be that bad! 
  3. I won’t rise up to others who are nasty. I will take things in my stride and if anyone criticises me or my friends/family in any sort of way I will be the bigger person and walk away. I won’t give people the pleasure of getting angry/upset.

The Bad

This photo is from 2007. I’m trying to pose ‘provocatively’ against a poster of David Hasseloff! Why?!? I have no idea! I always thought that to have a good time when out I had to be ‘one of the girls’ and join in with their stupid poses and try and be the funny one. I am finally comfortable enough to just be myself and not care if its not what others want from me. I clearly hadn’t found a fashion sense then either! I’d always been quite slim and put quite a bit of weight on, this photo was taken when I was in denial about my weight and wearing clothes that really weren’t flattering for my shape! I like my hair in this photo but not a lot else.

The Good

This is my all time favourite photo of myself! It is from around 2006 time on a girls holiday in Kavos before I gained my weight. I’m simply striking a pose in our hotel room, nothing special but I look a little tanned and a lot slim!
I prefer this picture because I am natural and at ease. No stupid fake posing, just me, being me and being happy and confident.

Comparing the two pictures has made me realise what I already know. That I need to learn to be happy with myself and just be who I am, if others don’t like it then that’s just tough. Its also reminded me that I look better with blonde in my hair and slimmer, but I knew that already!

The Unconventional Beauty

I consider Adele to be unconventionally beautiful. Why? Because she is a larger lady and she is a little rough around the edges.

As far as I am concerned Adele is absolutely stunning – f-words and all! She doesn’t try to hide her true self. Despite the fact that she is in the spotlight she remains the ‘common’ foul mouthed person that she is – she has remained true to herself where a lot of people would have changed.

I hope to see more people like Adele in the public eye.

Thank you so much to Leanne for taking part, to thank you, here is your Positive Beauty Badge to use as you see fit :)

If you are interested in taking part in the Positive Beauty Pledge, drop me an email for details :)


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