Thursday, 21 July 2011

Girls Day Out: UPDATE

Well Ladies, as many of you might now, it's less than a month to go until Girls Day Out in Leeds, and I have to say that I am getting really excited.

My co-organiser, the splendiforous (yes, that is a word in the Dictionary of Kat!!) Katie from LadyfromaTramp has designed a lovely new flyer featuring all the details.

If you or anyone you know is interested in taking part, then head over to the Facebook Event Page and RSVP, or drop either Katie or myself a line, and we'll add you on the list.

Following a little bit of a discussion over on the event page, we came to the conclusion that we'd book a table at Red Hot World Buffet for lunch, which is why it is really important that people let one of us know that you're coming.

Red Hot literally offers every kind of food imaginable (or near enough), so don't worry that you won't like anything, or if you're a vegetarian, because we think we've covered all bases with this place. Thanks to Jane for suggesting Red Hot :D

I know that a few ladies have said that they're not yet sure if they can make it, but we're hoping to book a table at the end of July, so it would be a huge help if you could all let us know by then, and that would be lovely :)

Also, a quick note that if you can't make it for 10am, please let us know, and we'll make arrangements to ensure that you can find us, or we'll send a minion (most likely myself) to meet you.

If anyone is coming on the train, then let me know, as I'll be meeting some other bloggers at the train station. And, if you need any help booking train tickets, then feel free to let me know, I may be able to help you find cheaper ones (although I can not of course guarantee this, I promise to try!)

Any more questions that you might have, just leave a comment below and I'll try my best to give you the answers.


  1. So disappointed that I am now not going to be able to make this - OH is doing the Jane Tomlinson sponsored 50,000 mile walk or something that day now. Hope you all have a fab time, will look forward to the photos and blog posts after the event!

  2. Aww no worries, it's for a better cause so you're excused :P Send our good luck's to the OH :)

  3. Hello hun! You know that i am there :) Will be at the corn exchange for 10am with Charlotte ( & ( we are all down for red hut buffet for lunch! Cant wait, really looking forward to it!


  4. Yeah, you were already on my list ;) I'll add to my list that you're meeting us at 10am, otherwise I really am going to forget who we're meeting where LOL :)

  5. Hi, Carla told me about the meet up. I'd love to come if thats ok? I'll check that i can get a babysitter for my little boy, and let you know x

  6. Hi Em, you are very much welcome to come :) The more the merrier :D

  7. For some reason i can't get onto the fb site, but i have a babysitter so i'm coming! x

  8. No worries Em, I know you're coming so that's all that matters :)Glad to have you on board :D


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