Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Positive Beauty Pledge's Guide to Staying Positive (Part Two)

I realised that I didn't do anything Positivity based on Tuesday, so I'm doing Part Two of my guide to staying positive today, instead. Which is probably a good time, for me, personally, to be writing a positive post:)

If you missed the first part, you can check it out here. But, for those who have read the first part here goes with Part Two:

Three. Hold your Head High and Stand up Straight

But not too high of course! We don't want to look like pompous individuals, but if you're someone who walks with your head down, avoiding eye contact, looking at your feet, then you really need to stop it! And yup, I am most definitely guilty of doing that.

Always look straight ahead, and if you don't want to make eye contact, just find an inanimate object to focus your gaze on. I know that this is really hard to do, but with practice, you can do it :)

I speak from experience that walking with as straight a back as you can manage, and the head held high is an excellent confidence booster, and of course does wonders for your posture. Honestly, try it and see if you feel better in yourself.

Four. Smile

I discussed this one with a little bit more depth a few weeks ago, but I do honestly think that this is an important one. Which is unfortunate, because it is also probably one of the most difficult for a lot of us. The problem is, that unless you are a natural smiler, forcing yourself to smile, especially in public, is really tough to master. Ultimately, because we feel fake and fraudsters.

But smiling makes you look confident, and happier not only on the outside, but the inside too, because smiling (apparently) releases the happy hormone, whether this is true or not, I don't know, but give it a go whenever you're feeling down. Force yourself to smile, and see how you feel ;)

You can check out my previous post, about smiling right here.

Five. Stop Comparing

We're all born into very different worlds, surrounded by different elements, from our family, to our friends to the type of school we attended. All of these thing create the person that we become. Other people may appear to have better opportunities or tougher challenges, but ultimately these things are only relative to the experiences that each person has on a whole.

For example, that absolute stunner that you feel envious of, may have suffered domestic abuse. Whilst, that girl that you laughed at, for having the wrong haircut at School, may now be the Manager of her own Company.

What I'm trying to say is that just because some is considered to be stereotypically attractive, does not mean that they have had an easy life. Just as being considered "unattractive" does not mean that you are going to experience a rubbish life. Life is what YOU make it. Of course, some people appear to have it easier, but that doesn't mean that they really do.

If you find yourself comparing to other people, wishing you had what they have, sit down and think of something that you have, that they will probably never have. Perhaps it's a talent, or a terrific family. Cherish what you do have.

To be continued....

If you're interested in taking the Positive Beauty Pledge, or would like a write a guest post about Positivity, then throw me an email or message me on Twitter (@KittyFairy).



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