Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Feel Closer to Nivea (and your friends)

Ever since I can remember, my family have always been big users of Nivea products, whether it was the huge blue tub that lived in the Shower Room, or the tiny tin that lived in my mum's handbag (you know how mum's handbags are always full of everything!!). In fact, recently my Mum and I traded hand creams, because she wasn't keen on the one that she owned, but loved the one I was using, and it wasn't really too big of a surprise, that both of the hand creams were from the Nivea range!!

So, when I was asked to help promote the brand, in conjunction with their 100th Anniversary Celebrations, I couldn't have said "yes" quick enough. And anyone who knows me, knows that I don't promote brands unless I really believe in them.

To celebrate their 100 years (wow, really?? 100 years!!), Nivea have launched a "Feel Closer" campaign, that seeks to challenge the notion that "face to face is a thing of the past". With social media, such as Facebook and Twitter being so popular, it really is easy to understand why this campaign is such a big deal.

Big Brother Psychologist Geoffrey Beattie explains this better than I can :)

I have to admit that most of the people I talk to, is through the Internet, which is kind of sad, but that's part of my job, as a Freelance Writer, and being a shy-natured person, it works for me. But, there are some days when I think that living behind a computer screen, yeah, it might be comforting, but I feel like it just makes me even more nervous about meeting new people, or even going out on my own. I can't even remember the last time I went to the supermarket, by myself.

Anyway, getting away from me for a second, Nivea have launched a Facebook page titled "Million Moments of Closeness", that invites all of us to share our moments, by uploading photos.

What do you have to get out this? Lots of prizes, of course :)

Do you think that we are slowly becoming a nation of recluses? Do you deliberately go out of your way, to make sure that you see your "Facebook Friends" in real life, as much as you chat to them online? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this :)

**This is a sponsored post, but it's something I believe in, so I was happy to do it**

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