Monday, 9 May 2011

Simple Corrector Pen

I've been meaning to review the Simple Corrector Pen for absolutely ages, mainly because I raved about wanting to try it for so long. It's shameful that it has taken this long, and it's even more shameful that I seem to have fallen behind on the review writing as of late.

Just a quick note, before I get started, that I received this product through my Simple VIP membership. And apologies for the stock photos, I really need to buy some new batteries for my camera, and the lighting is just terrible at the minute for my phone's camera.

Make Up Mess and Me: I am one of those people that is practically incapable of applying eyeliner and mascara without making a mess. Perhaps it's my inept impatience, in which I can't wait for something to dry, or maybe it's just the fact that I'm a naturally messy person (you choose, I won't be offended!). But, whatever the reason, I always end up with black dots on my eyelids. So, for that reason, I really saw a huge advantage in using a product that wipes away the dots easy peasy.

What Simple Says:

"Smile, it's Simple. Our Eye Make-up Corrector Pen is the perfect tool to easily remove eye make-up mistakes, even waterproof mascara. The precision tip allows you to correct mistakes leaving the rest of your make-up untouched. Enriched with vitamin goodness the non greasy formula will also care for the skin around the delicate eye area. Perfect for even sensitive skin."

Simple Goodness

PRO-VITAMIN B5 restores, softens and smoothes
Dermatologically tested and Approved

The Good: I love the fact that it's in the shape of a pen, which means that it fits easily into any make up bag, without any problems, in the same way an eyeliner pencil will.

I had no trouble using the Corrector Pen, as it wiped away dots without any problem. But, what impressed me the most was that I could use it to tidy up any messy eyeliner (I'm terrible at getting straight lines), or even just to neaten up a line or around the eye shadows to make the look "sharper".

The Bad: All the time of using this pen, there's this niggle at the back of my mind questioning whether this is really any better than using a simple cotton bud doused in eye make up remover. And, whilst the Corrector Pen is convenient, I do have to also question whether it's worth the £4.99 cost, over the £1 (tops) for a pack of roughly 100 cotton buds, and couple of quid eye make up remover, both of which most of us own already, and that can be transported fairly easily.

The Down Right Ugly: My biggest issue with the Corrector Pen, is the advice that you should clean the pen's nib, after every use, using a Simple Facial Wipe. I know that nothing is forcing me to use Simple Wipes, but even if I buy 70p wipes from Tesco, it still seems like a waste of money to use one full sheet just to clean the nib of this pen. When you're putting make up on, it is unlikely that anyone will want or need to use a wipe afterwards, so it just seems wasteful.

Plus, I've found that using one of Simple's Facial Wipes just isn't enough to clean black eyeliner and mascara off the nib, and it now looks pretty disgusting.

Would I buy this product? No. Yes, it's convenient, but the hassle of cleaning and wasting facial wipes, after every use, and the relatively high price (for what it is), is very off-putting for me.

Has anyone else tried one of the Corrector Pens? What did you think? Or, have you been avoiding them? Let me know :)


  1. Agree with you - I just use a cotton bud when I need to 'correct' my make up.

    I always make a mess - especially on my eyelids. How does my mascara end up on my eyelids? I don't know. But yes, a cotton bud soaked into an eye make up remover does the job very well.

    Btw, I love reading your reviews. Always very honest and detailed. A true joy to read!


  2. Thanks so much for this review. I wondered whether the pen would get dirty as well. If you have to use a wipe to clean then why not just roll up a corner of the wipe? It's what I do if I've run out of buds. Silly Simple. Love your blog, following :)

  3. @Miss A, Thanks for your comments :) I'm glad that it's not just me can't figure out how MAscara manages to get everywhere haha! And I'm thrilled that you love my reviews :D I must get round to reviewing more, I'm so behind!

    @Robyn, Thanks for your comments, and I hope you enjoy reading ;)

  4. Hey thanks for this review I was looking at this and now I know to stick to the bud remover situation I use at the min. Thanks again.


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