Thursday, 19 May 2011

Just Checking In

Hey Guys. Just a really quick post to fill you in on a couple of things.

First of all, I'm really happy to tell you guys that I'm featured on Just Nice Things, as this weeks 20 Questions, so  please make sure that you check that out. Especially check it out if you want to know a bit more about me, and to find out my biggest secret ;)

I've just got back from a couple of days away with the boyfriend, celebrating five years together. We went to see Thor, had some lovely meals and of course, fit in some shopping at Meadowhall.

Anyone who was around Twitter earlier this week, might have seen that I set myself a challenge to buy a product of at least one cosmetic brand that I had never tried before, and I actually had two in mind:

The first was Sleek, because everyone seems to be raving about them on their blogs, and I wanted to know what the fuss is about. But, on visiting the Sleek stand, in Superdrug, in Meadowhall, I was instantly turned off the idea. Why? Because, considering the shop had been open less than half an hour, the Sleek stand was absolutely disgusting. Most of the areas were empty, and those that had products in were so messy and all over the place. I didn't stick around to have a better look.

The second brand that I had in mind was BeautyUK, after seeing Liloo's review of the pearl eyeliners. And, to be honest, the BeautyUK stand was only a little better than the Sleek one. There were more products there, but every single pencil-type eyeliner that I picked up was either broken, or when you pulled the lid of you could tell people had been sampling it, and I seriously do not fancy buying something that some horrid person has smushed all over themselves. Gross.

I did actually end up buying a palette from the BeautyUK stand, because at least when something is wrapped up in cellophane, you know that no one has touched it. Plus, for £3.99 I thought it was a good bargain. I'll hopefully have a review of that on here soon, when I've had chance to have a little play.

I also picked up a GOSH Kabuki brush which I'm looking forward to testing out, and whilst I was at the GOSH counter, I swatched three really nice eyeliners, that I'll be talking about a little bit in a future post. I didn't buy them, but I'm starting to wish I had :-/

As always, I am still accepting pledges for the Positive Beauty Pledge, just shoot me an email and I'll send you the details that you need to send me in order to pledge.



  1. There is nothing worse than dirty makeup stands. So many are empty and filthy in superdrug ewww gross.


  2. I don't think that I have ever come across a stand that has been as disgusting as the Sleek one in Meadowhall's Superdrug. It was almost as bad as walking into the Lincoln Primark, where everywhere you walk you can't avoid clothes that have been flung there, and the staff never seem to tidy them up.

    I really can't believe the staff don't think to tidy these things up. It wasn't like Superdrug was busy at that time of day either :-/


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