Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Oh Jiji Kiki, How Much do I Love thee?

As you are all probably very aware (I've plugged it enough!) I'm currently running a Giveaway, where you can win some gorgeous pieces from the ever so amazing Jiji Kiki. What, you haven't entered yet? Well, what the heck are you dilly-dallying about at? Get your ass over there Lady! Although, make sure you come back, because this post is going to be interesting...I promise!

*waits a little while for you to enter the Giveaway*

Entered? Lovely. I'll carry on then.

It's not something that I've ever brought up on my blog, but I absolutely love quirky jewellery, that has bags of personality and yes, does draw in a few "ooh, I like that" and "ooh, where did you get that from". I have been known, to make my own jewellery, but it takes up so much time, energy and money, that I've kind of gone back to just letting someone else do it. They're typically much better than I am anyway!

In the year since I began blogging, I've come across a couple of fantastic shops that sell amazingly quirky, vintage and interesting jewellery that I have just fallen in love with, and whilst I've spent a lot of time drooling over them, Jiji Kiki is the only one that I've ever actually taken the dive into buying something from. If I'm honest, the draw to Jiji Kiki was this little fella here, on the left. And for anyone who doesn't know who he is, his name is Totoro, I love him and you can find out more about him right here.

To say that I fell in love with this piece is an absolute understatement! Of all the Studio Ghibli films, My Neighbor Totoro is one of my two favourites (the other being Laputa: Castle in the Sky). Unfortunately, this little monkey (okay, he's not a monkey, and he doesn't resemble a monkey, but he's a cheeky little bugger!) kept running away from me, because he was always sold out :(

I'd really wanted him for my birthday last year, but since I couldn't get hold of him, I picked out four or five other pieces that I fancied, and the boyfriend chose the Book of Stars.

Now I think about it, the Book of Stars piece is perfect for me, because, I'm a huge book lover, but, I also love the fact that this book is a locket. The funny thing is, that it has never even crossed my mind to put a photograph inside it. Instead, my Book of Stars has very much become my lucky charm.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge lover of inspirational quotes (you might also have guessed by the fact that I have a quote under the title of my blog ;-P) so I decided to write down my all-time favourite quote and place it inside the locket. That way, I get to wear this fantastic piece of jewellery, whilst having a quote that means a lot to me really close. It might sound silly, but it works for me :-D

And for anyone who is remotely curious, the quote inside reads:

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." (Christopher Robin. Winnie the Pooh!)

Both of these pieces are, of course, only a tiny portion of the amazing stuff that Jiji Kiki has to offer, and if I had the money, there really isn't much that I don't want to buy.

More Details:

Where can I find it? My Neighbor Totoro Leaf Necklace

Price: £6.50

Description: Everyone's favourite furry wood spirit in a necklace form! Cute Totoro pendant with little green leaf charm to keep him dry while he waits for Cat Bus.

On 18" silver plate chain. Detailed front and flat back.  Totoro measures 3.5 cm x 4 cm Leaf charm measures 2.5 cm

Currently: In Stock (12 April 2011)

Where can I find it? Book of Stars

Price: £14

DescriptionA pretty little antiqued magical brass book locket necklace. Suspended over the front of the locket is a tiny Tibetan silver star charm, faceted gold Czech glass bead and round aurora borealis glass bead which looks like it has a rainbow shimmering inside of it.

The locket has a decorated front and opens to reveal two spaces for photographs or keepsakes. A really gorgeous necklace and a great present.

The locket measures approximately 2.5 cm a 2 cm.  On co-ordinating 18" antique gold plated chain.

Currently: Out of Stock, but coming back soon (12 April 2011)

Who will love Jiji Kiki: Practically anyone who is a girl!! No, seriously, if you love kitsch, vintage or quirky jewellery, handbags and other accessories, that are all hand-made and look amazing, then Jiji Kiki is definitely for you.

Where can I find out more details?

What are you waiting for, go check the website out now, before you forget! And, if you like these pieces STILL haven't entered my Giveaway to win some other fantastic ones, then seriously, come on. Scoot!

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