Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Hottie and the Nottie: April

O-M-G! Is it really April already? Wow, this year is just zooming by! But, with a new month, comes another lovely Hottie and the Nottie post for you. And luckily, this month, this feature is easy :)


My Blog's 1st Birthday

I'm not going to write too much for this one, because I'm planning to discuss it more in a later post, but April 9th will be my blog's first birthday. Whoopee, so I am definitely loving that. I have a couple of things planned to celebrate and commemorate so watch this space! But, I'm planning a mini give away (prizes are Top Secret, so don't ask!), I'm thinking of doing a little Awards thing for some of my favourite blogs, and I may look back on some of my earlier posts, to see how things have changed...hmm, that could be interesting!

I know I had this one, kind of, in my February hottie and the nottie, but back then, I was looking forward to it, and now Spring is officially here! Don't get me wrong, I love snow and I kinda like snuggling up protectively in a warm coat or duvet, but I can only handle it for so long. Unfortunately, the Great British Winters seem to be getting longer and colder than they were a few years back. So, when Spring arrives and the clocks bounce forward, I am always overjoyed!

I love Spring. It is most definitely, without question, my favourite season, because it's kinda in the middle. It isn't too hot and it isn't too cold, but it's a joy to come into following the dark days of Winter. I'm not a fan of Autumn so much, because it starts to get cold, and you know the worst of it is still to come. And, let's face it, lots of sunshine makes most of us happy, even if the heat doesn't. Plus, there's nothing nicer than getting up in daylight!!

Having things to look forward to

Someone once told me that the thing they liked about me the most, was the fact that I get excited about things. Admittedly, this was a few years back, and I don't get excited about Christmas as much as I used to, but I do like having something to look forward to, or to aim for.

At the minute, I have two major events that I am really looking forward to. neither beauty related, but if anyone else is going, I would love to know:

The first is the London Film and Comic Con on July 9th. My BF has wanted to go for years, but we always just assumed that it would be expensive, so when we randomly looked it up, and found that actual tickets were only £6, well, we had to really. We're not going to get signatures or anything like that, in fact, we're not really going for any particular reason other than for the experience, and to say we have been. I think that's important in life; to do something just to try it out, because life is too short to say "Oh, I wish I'd done that, or been there!"
The second event is Distant Worlds at the Royal Albert Hall, which is a concert showcasing some of the best music from the Final Fantasy Video Games series. Now, a lot of people probably don't know much about the series, but I absolutely love the music, and I am so excited that the composer of the earlier games in the series, Nobuo Uematsu is going to be conducting. For me, that is just amazing. It's about as amazing as seeing your all-time favourite band.  I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am about having tickets. I'm that excited, that the trip is actually costing me a fortune just to make it extra special, because we've booked into a really great hotel!


Why is it, that as soon as the sun starts shining, the men's bellies and the women's boobs come out (Not entirely literally, but in some cases, not far off)? I mean, come on, yes the weather is nice, but it really isn't that warm just yet! The worst thing is that it is never the attractive men, it's always the really fat one, or the pale and skinny ones that never, ever seem to tan. Put it away for heaven's sake.

I am all for keeping cool in the summer sun, but surely you'll catch your death at this time of year!?

If you're David Beckham, on the other hand, feel free. I won't mind :)

Plus Sizes
Being a Plus Size, I am actually amazed that I have never ranted about this before (well, I don't think I have anyway!!). But, why is it so difficult to buy clothes that are a nice fit, when you are a plus size?

1. Why do shops always assume that because I'm fat, I have big boobs?? I don't think I have ever fitted into a top well, because I don't have big boobs. I don't want big boobs thank you very much. I am happy the way they are. I just wish they'd make tops that aren't always so generous in the bust area. Thank you please.

2. I have a long torso and short legs, and some time ago, it was suggested that because I always have trouble with my trousers and jeans being too long in the leg, that I should try petite sizes. So, why is that very few shops cater to larger sizes in their Petite Ranges. I'm of course talking about shops that supply larger size ranges in the first place, so why can't they offer stock in shorter leg length? The best place I've found that offers a range in shorter leg lengths is Yours Clothing, which is of course online.

3. Why do Plus Size shops use models that are obviously not a plus size? They might try to tell us otherwise, but the number of times that I've noticed models in shop windows, magazines, websites etc where you can tell that the clothes are too big for them. If the clothes are too big for them, they shouldn't be modelling them!

PS- I love Amber Riley, but why does she never get any decent storylines in Glee???

What are you loving and hating this month?



  1. Oh wow! I didn't know about Distant Worlds but it sounds amazing! I'm a huge FF fan too :)
    I hope you enjoy it!!

  2. I can't even remember how I found out about it :S weird. Nice to find a fellow fan though :D

  3. I struggle with clothing too! I am a size 10 but have big boobs (i dont like them either!) and every dress / top / blouse in a size 10 won't fit because of my boobs. So I have to buy a size 12 / 14 and then its too big everywhere else which just makes me look even more odd than my usual 5ft 3in, size 10, 32gg self.. arghhh... the frustration. Good job my mum loves me lots and adjusts so many off my dresses Lol.
    Ps - love your blog
    Emma xxx

  4. I know quite a few smaller sized girls who have big boobs, and have the same problem. I wish shops would realise that we're all different, and learn to be a lot more flexible with the sizing of their clothes in length and boob area!


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