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Guest Blog: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor

A couple of months ago, I asked the boyfriend if he wanted to review the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor for my blog, which he kindly agreed to do (perhaps due to the fact that I was also offering to buy it for him. I think that he thought this to be a very fair compromise). Two months, and plenty of use later, here is that review for your viewing pleasure:

I decided to buy the ProGlide razor after seeing the advertisement, which is unlike me as I normally don’t get swayed by advertising. Shaving for me is usually a case of slap on as much shaving foam as my face can hold and hope for as few nicks and cuts as possible. My stubble is dark and can still be seen after a shave which is why I have to apply a bit of pressure on the razor when shaving. I’m sure I’m not the only guy out there who has a hard time scraping off the old stubble, so let’s here it for the ProGlide razor. I decided to review this razor to let you all know why it’s so good, and of course to point out the negative aspects.


I usually struggle with razor packaging as it tends to be wrapped in some kind of unbreakable fortress. It usually takes a pair of sharp scissors to cut through the hard plastic so I can get to the point where I can just rip it apart. It’s a long winded process. The ProGlide packaging is nowhere near as hard to open as it is covered by a thin piece of cellophane which all you have to do is lift up a corner and pull. 

     Five blades for a greater level of precision
     Anti-clogging rinse slots
     Low rinse coating to help the blades glide through stubble

First impressions?

There is no doubt about it, the adverts are actually right, this razor really does glide down the skin. Gillette recommend a specific shaving gel so that you can get the best shave from the razor however I have to confess that I have used a supermarket brand. This is partly because of money as the Gillette gel costs almost as much as the razor. I personally believe that if the razor is good enough then you shouldn’t need to spend a fortune on shaving gel. In the end I opted for a middle ground shaving foam which did the job well enough. This razor had a tough first test as I hadn’t shaved for about four days and my stubble grows pretty quickly. I have to admit that it struggled as a result but compared to previous razors it did a pretty good job.

Eight weeks later

This razor has made shaving less of a chore and even glides pretty well over four day stubble which means that it provides an effortless shave when used daily, and I’m still on my first blade. As I’ve said though, I sometimes go a few days without shaving which has contributed to the longevity of the blade.

Negative points

The only downside to this razor is that it doesn’t quite cut the stubble down to the skin, although this is probably because I have tough stubble. So it’s fair to say that there aren’t really any downsides.

Where to buy the Gillette ProGlide Razor?

My girlfriend bought my ProGlide from Tescos as she noticed that it was being sold at a discount price. You can find this razor at all major supermarkets and chemists such as;

     The usual retailers

You’ll be able to find it online too. While browsing the Internet I found it being sold at Lloyds Pharmacy and on Amazon.

Final thoughts

I would definitely recommend this razor as it certainly lives up to its name. After much searching I think I’ve found a razor that won’t make me bleed. 

So, there you go. A lovely review from my lovely boyfriend. Has anyone else's other half tried out Gillette's latest razor? What were their thoughts?

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