Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tips: Bring your Nail Polish Back to Life

One of my biggest beauty grievances has got to be that moment when you sit down to paint your nails with your absolute favourite polish (in this case: Rimmel's Blue My Mind), only to pull out the brush, begin applying and realising that it's gone thick and gloopy, and disgusting. It's annoying because you always expect to run out of nail polish, but you never do, because they always manage to go gloopy first!

But, have no fear, because there is a solution that works most of the time (please note, this method doesn't always work, but it typically does!). I can't remember where I learnt about this, but be assured that this method is not mine, but as I've said, it has worked on most of my nail polishes that have gone gloopy, so I thought I'd share it.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Fill a mug with about an inch of boiling hot water
  2. Carefully place your favourite polish into the water. I don't know if it matters, but I try to make sure that the water doesn't reach the neck of the bottle
  3. Leave the polish in the hot water for a couple of minutes
  4. When you think you've left it for long enough, take it out and dry the bottle with a towel
  5. Apply your polish as normal, and you should notice that your polish is no longer gloopy!
  6. Admire your favourite polish, on your beautiful nails!
It's pretty simple really, but I really have to repeat that this does not work with all polishes, well it hasn't worked with every single one of mine, but it's still worth a try. Or, I think so anyway!



  1. That's a great tip I might try that next time!
    One thing I do with gloopy polishes is add a bit of nail polish remover into it, shake it a bit and sometimes it's useable again!

  2. I'd never think to use nail polish remover, I'll have to give that a try next time my polishes go gloopy :)

    When it's the choice between that or throwing my favourite polish away, I'll try anything!!

    1. Noooo! Don't use nail polish remover! Zomg noooo!

      My brain is too fried why to remember not to do it - but seriously don't. Buy Seche Vite Restore. You can buy it online from sally's, but jeeeebus don't use nail polish remover! Lol. Sorry.. tad dramatic.

    2. Haha, to be honest I'd completely forgot about even doing it, so I've never done it anyway :) I usually can't be bothered and just throw them away (have too many as it is!) LOL


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