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Tag: My 5 Inspirational Celebrity Women from Childhood to Today

I haven't done a tag in absolutely ages, so when I spotted this one of Joanna Louise's blog, I couldn't resist. I have to say that when I started thinking about this, I couldn't help thinking "oh god, I have no idea", and my mind just went blank. But, as soon as I thought of one person, three others followed.

Christina Ricci
I can not remember a time when I have not loved Christina Ricci. I've always been a fan of kooky, oddball characters such as Wednesday Addams and Kat from Casper (who I got my nickname from, believe it or not!), so it's no surprise that I like her so much. Although, I wasn't a fan of the blonde look she sported in Sleepy Hollow, she "normally" looks great, even in Penelope with her pig snout haha! When I was a kid, she was the celebrity I really wished had been my best friend!

Melanie C
I am not ashamed to confess that I was an enormous Spice Girls fan, right from the start, until the originally split up (wasn't really that interested when they reformed a couple of years ago...I think I've outgrown them now!). Back then, I always liked Emma Bunton, because she was the cute and adorable one. Geri and Melanie B both scared me a little (loud women scare me!!), and Victoria...well, she's just Victoria (what more needs to be said). Those four have always, in my honest opinion, taken the majority of the limelight, and Melance C just kinda floated around in the background, being a tomboy, and never really grabbing attention. That was until she went solo.
When Melanie C went solo, for me, she just proved, in my eyes anyway, that she was the real talent to come out of the Spice Girls. All of the other four had solo musical careers that were pretty pathetic in comparison to the fame they had as a fivesome, but Melanie C proved that she's much stronger out on her own, doing her own thing. And I still listen to her first album twelve years on.

Kate Winslet
I can't remember what the first film was, that I saw Kate Winslet in, but it was probably Titanic (for most of us, it's probably the first film we became aware of how incredible she is). Kate just oozes this natural beauty, not only in looks, but in how she is. And, I love the fact that, in the nineties, at least, Kate wasn't this wafer thin girl, like most others, in the industry at the time. Kate had curves, and she wasn't scared to show them. As a naturally larger girl, I think I really appreciated having someone in the spotlight who was curvy, and sexy and just amazing.
She's made some incredibly diverse films, from Heavenly Creatures (excellent film, Peter Jackson at his best I'd say!), to Eternal Sunshine etc.

Ellen Page
I first came across Ellen Page, at Kitty, in X-Men. However, it was Hard Candy, in which Ellen really got my attention. To  anyone who hasn't seen Hard Candy, don't watch it with a male, they really won't appreciate it, and if you have seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Let's just say it's kind of like Little Red Riding Hood, except she's hunting the wolf!!
Since then, Ellen has played some awesome roles, from kooky pregnant schoolgirl Juno, to the brainy "Architect" in Inception, and unlike some of her co-stars *cough* Michael Cera *cough*, she's never allowed herself to be typecast.
I predict very great things for Ellen.

Amanda Seyfried
I first saw Amanda Seyfried, playing the dippy girl, in the oddly superb Mean Girls, and it's incredible to see how far she's come, far outshining her co-star Lindsay Lohan (what happened to her...oh yeah, rehab!!). Like Ellen, Amanda is very much an acting chameleon, and she hasn't allowed herself to be type-cast in any way. Personally, I get bored with actors who just play the same characters, over and over again *cough* Michael Cera *cough*
I love the fact, that Amanda shuns the socialising aspect of her celebrity, and is a true profession. It's nice to have young starlets who are in it for the art, not the fame, like so many other wannabes that are bogging down our media.

I tag you all, to name the five celebrity women who have inspired you, right back from your childhood, all the way to today. GO!


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  1. Oooh hehe - Yes Kate! But I love all your choices - amazing how different they are but great women! x x


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