Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Simple Get Smart

Updated 11/03/2011: Just a quick note to say that the Corrector Pen will be initially exclusive to Boots until April 19th. However, after that, it will be available everywhere. That's my fault for misreading the Press Release :-)

It's not very often that I get excited about new products that are coming up for launch, in fact the only two things that I have actually been excited about getting my mitts on, since I started writing this blog roughly ten months ago, have both been nail products (Rimmel's Matte Top Coat and Barry M's Nail Effects).

Nevertheless, when I spotted Simple's latest addition to their range, I got very excited! And here it is:

Simple's Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen.

Simple Says:
"The new Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen, the first of its kind in the UK...which contains Simple’s award-winning and best-selling eye make-up remover lotion, is the ideal tool to easily remove eye make-up mistakes, even waterproof mascara. The Corrector Pen’s precision tip allows users to wipe away day-to-day mistakes while leaving the rest of their make-up untouched."
"The Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen is formulated with the vitamin goodness of Pro-Vitamin B5 to care for the skin around the delicate eye area. What’s more, with no perfume and no colour, common causes of skin irritation, and no harsh or unnecessary chemicals, the Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive."
Why I think this product is going to be awesome:

 When it comes to Mascara, and Liquid Eyeliners, I am absolutely prone, to making a mess. I am often known to find mascara marks on my eye lids, as well as below the lower lash line, which is incredibly irritating. Sometimes, I can manage to get to it using my finger, or a Cotton Bud, but I always have two issues with this:

  1. My finger, and/or cotton bud is often that little bit too fat, especially when you consider that eyelashes are so thin, so they're only going to leave slight marks.
  2. A cotton bud, or finger alone, is typically not enough, and I always feel like I need something strong to get it to budge. But, quite often, I don't have my Eye Make-Up Remover near by, and I don't know if you have ever tried it, but I don't find it an easy task, trying to get the Eye Make-Up remover onto the tip of the Cotton Bud.
From what I can tell, Simple's Corrector pen solves both of these problems, since it has a fine tip, allowing for precision, so I can get rid of those yucky black marks, without ruining the rest of my make up, which is really helpful when you're applying your mascara after everything else has been made to look perfect! 

Plus, I am a huge fan of Simple's Eye Make-Up Remover, and it's the only one that has ever managed to get off every last trace of make up, without leaving my skin feeling like it's being ripped out. And, of course, since my skin is oily, I love the fact that their remover isn't in the slightest bit greasy.

But, don't go racing out to buy this product, just yet. 

The Simple Eye Make-Up Remover Corrector pen, goes on sale,  on March 23rd (my Nana's birthday!!) exclusively from Boots, and will be available for a very limited period of time, until April 19th.

It will be priced at £4.99, and I can not wait to get hold of this product, from a company that I genuinely trust.

What do you guys think of this product? Do you think it'll work? Do you think it will solve a lot of problems? In fact, do you think that Simple will succeed in their mission to create an absolute make-up bag must have out of this item? And, what do you think about it only being available for a limited time-period, exclusively to one chain? Too restricting? And, okay I shall stop with the questioning :D


  1. it sounds really good but i really don't get why it is available for a limited time? is it a trial period and then they will bring it back if it's successful? otherwise i don't understand it at all. I get the idea behind limited edition makeup but this is something that people are likely to repurchase quite regularly

  2. I'd been thinking the same thing when I saw the Press Release for this product. Testing the waters, is the only answer I can think of, but it's unusual for Simple, as far as I'm aware, to work like that.

    To be fair, I have no worries about this product being popular, a. because most Simple products are popular, and b. because I think a lot of women will find it useful.

    So, with that in mind, it really doesn't make sense at all. I just hope they don't tease us with a great product and then never let us have it again boo haha!

    I'm also curious as to why it's exclusive to Boots...which, in itself, seems to be an odd move. keep us pondering, no doubt :)


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