Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mini Hiatus and a little Game

Hey guys,

I'm really sorry that I haven't written a blog over the past couple of days. Work has got really busy this week, so obviously work always has to come before my blog (otherwise the bills don't get paid!). But, I've got loads of lovely things coming up, hopefully over the weekend, but if not, definitely early next week.

Just a quick update on the nails. I'm on Day Seven (I think) of my 14-Day Nail Rescue Challenge, and whilst my nails are definitely feeling a great deal harder than they did this time last week, I have managed to break a nail. It was the pinkie finger on my left hand, which let's face it, our pinkie finger nails must be the weakest anyway, right? Since they're the smallest? I don't obviously know that, just making an assumption :) Also, the naikls on my right hand are growing beautifully (well, to my standards anyway, which are probably lower than most peoples haha!), but the left hand nails never seem to grow as quickly as the ones of the right. I've noticed that ever since I started doing Konad nail art last year, and I was conciously trying to grow them just for that purpose. I wonder why...any ideas? But, tomorrow I will be taking the strengthener off, and starting the second week, so we'll see.

In other news, I have lots of reviews coming up: I still have several E.L.F products to review, including the liquid eyeliner, cream eyeliner, another nail polish and I think that's it! I also have a Rimmel Base Coat, which is obviously going to have to wait for now, and a Rimmel Glam'Eyes eyeliner. Oh, and the boyfriend is currently in the process of testing out the lovely Gilette Fusion Proglide Razor, that I oh-so-kindly bought him all in the name of reviewing! But, the final thing that I'm most exciting about reviewing, I'm not actually doing to tell you what it is. Why? Because, I'm actually quite curious to know how many people have come across this item, which I think is super cute (whoa, how American did I just sound??).

So, does anyone know what this is?



  1. That orange things looks interesting! I don't know I think I've seen something similar on youtube gurus in the states, I think it might be a lip balm?

  2. Looks like the EOS lipbalm - I'm loving the Lemon Drop one at the moment :) Got mine at Urban Outfitters and thought it would be a novelty, but am still using them almost a year on.


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