Monday, 21 March 2011

Debate: What is Beauty?

I've blogged about this before, but I often feel like a hypocrite writing a blog about beauty, when I don't consider myself beautiful, and I haven't really been interested in make up, until a few years back. But, then it got me thinking. Who said that beauty had anything to do with how we look anyway? Beauty is much broader than that.

The Oxford Dictionary definition states:


noun (plural beauties)
1 [mass nouna combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form , that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight:I was struck by her beautyan area of outstanding natural beautya combination of qualities that pleases the intellect.
[as modifierdenoting something intended to make someone more attractive:beauty treatment2 a beautiful or pleasing thing or person, in particular:.
a beautiful woman:a blonde beautyan excellent example of something:the fish was a beauty, around 14 pounds(the beauties ofthe pleasing or attractive features of (something):the beauties of the English countryside[in singularthe best aspect or advantage of something:the beauty of keeping cats is that they don't tie you down

This got me thinking. Beauty? What is Beauty? It's a question that I often find myself sitting and pondering, until it gives me a really bad headache. Ultimately, beauty is subjective. No two people will ever be in agreement to it's true definition, and that my lovelies, is the true beauty of beauty. What I might find absolutely hideous, might be completely stunning to the girl sat next to me, on the bus.

Beauty, in my eyes, is not about physical appearance, or money, or even possessions. It is all of those little events, moments and actions that piece together to make us happy in life. It isn't the grand gestures, or the extravagances!

Right now, I see beauty in the Spring sunshine, and the sounds of birds singing. I see beauty in the feeling that having a decent set of curtains up, in my living room creates. It's a sense of closing the world out, for a little while, whilst I conquer my thoughts.

I see beauty in kittens, and when someone unexpectedly says "thank you" (annoyingly rarer than I might like). I see beauty in how people are pulled together, out of the darkness of war, earthquakes, and other man-made and natural disasters alike.

I see beauty in seeing a stressful project finally piecing together.

I see beauty in watching someone opening a present, and just knowing that they like it. They don't need to tell me that they do, because I can just tell.

To many, these might sound incredibly corny, but I'm okay with that, because we're all different.

Of course physical beauty fully exists, but I think it's part of something bigger. What is your definition of true beauty? Do you see beauty in things that other, perhaps, don't?


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